Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Soul Heaven & House Dance Review

Ok So where do I start, first off I am overly pissed off with Imovie & youtube hence the lateness of the review but what I will say is I had a wicked weekend and really had fun..... :-)

Soul Heaven Review

Right so I pitch up at ministry around half 12 - 1 ish and everything is in full flow, as I enter in the bar you had Dj Garphie heating things up and Neil Pierce in the main room warming the crowd for Joey Negro and Louie Vega. Now usually I would go into detail about each person etcetera etcetera but today I am just going to give you the notetables and the low down.... Why because I wasn't overly impressed with it!

First person on the list was Neil Pierce who played a blinder of a set, a perfect warming vibe showing true knowledge of house music so props to him (p.s happy birthday lol). Next Andy Ward, who also played very well, keeping the bar bubbling and vibe rolling through.

Now unfortunately the crowd didn't really understand or get what Joey Negro was doing with the house and disco edits but I thought he played very well none the less.

Where as again I was unimpressed by Louie Vega, I though he could have done alot better and this was reflected in the fact that the crowd upped an left!! Not to go home though, they were in the bar where Sy Sez was playing, who had the the crowd eating out of his hands, playing alot of deeper/soulful/techy grooves that kept the crowd bubbling and wanting more (full props to Sy a very good set). Now to mine and the crowds disgust they closed the bar early to get people back in the main room to listen to Louie, nuff said....

House Dance Review

Now this is a party for everyone to enjoy, I only found out about it recently and this was my second time going to this weekly event but boy was it a good night, if you like House and dancing this is the one for you, big up Jimbo Robins and Phil Asher for showing me the light on this one.

I got there early doors with the mrs, about 11 and just bubbled all night You had Jimbo and Bopstar throwing down grooves, plus a surprise PA from Zara McFarlane and some wicked dancers in, Shay Normann, also two of Japan’s rising stars in the Jazz Dance world Maki & Tamayo, London’s very own Diva La Funk bringing you a Freestyle Vogue & Wacking performance.

I dont need to say anymore check out these videos and see for yourself.

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