Friday, 25 June 2010

Hot off the Press: Phlash And Friends - Jungle Orchid Ft Alma Horton

These days you don't press vinyl unless you got a serious track, an let me tell you two things:

1)This is a Serious Track!!
2)This is exclusive business..

Straight off the press let me show Phlash And Friends Jungle Orchid Ft Alma Horton, now we all know Phlash And Friends was a serious album and there were some hot hot hot tracks but Jungle Orchid has hot music an hot vocals from the talented Lady Alma. An for those of you who pay attention to detail should know as with all of Phlash bits that get pressed up, the vinyl mixes are always different hence "Alternative"... so get a copy while you still can.

Purchase from:
Jungle Orchidz at Juno Records

Phlash And Friends - Jungle Orchid Fyt Alma Horton

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