Friday, 18 June 2010

Serial Vendetta from Altered Natives

The new album comes hot on the the heels of last month's "Tenement Yard Volume One", on which Danny managed to bring a techno aesthetic to his frenetic broken drums. This time round Danny will focuses mostly on broken beat, but judging from the crossover success of last year's "Rass Out," which was played by DJs all across the UK "hardcore continuum," he's likely to blur the boundaries once more. Talking about his music, Danny recently explained: "Life and the world in general is restricted by so many rules, I've spent my life breaking rules and paying. So really you could say my sound is the sound of rule breaking."

01. Mother
02. Cut_Slash_Mutilate
03. Eating Drinking Fucking Suckin
04. Cold Shower
05. Skankyset Riddim
06. Fuck Your Couch
07. Out of Existence
08. Distances
09. Immortality
10. The Claaart
11. Shankle
12. Mothership
13. 5 Deadly Venoms

Eye4Eye will release Serial Vendetta on July 2nd, 2010.

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