Monday, 28 February 2011

Dennis Ferrer's New Group: NeuWave Renegades

I saw this article over at Resident Advisor. I wanted to see what you guys thought about it, if you thought it would work and whether you think these guys still have a grasp on our music?

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Objektivity founder Dennis Ferrer is launching a new collective with The Martinez Brothers called Neuwave Renegades.

According to Ferrer, the "crew" will both DJ and produce as a team. Friends of the family like Kerri Chandler and Andre Hommen will occasionally join in on the fun, but Ferrer and the Martinez Brothers are the core NeuWave Renegades. The outfit already has a 12-inch in the pipeline for later this year, will play their first round of gigs under the new banner this weekend in Italy, Switzerland and Amsterdam, followed by a party in Miami next month during Ultra week. Chatting just minutes after checking into his hotel in Milan, Ferrer gave us the rest of the scoop over the phone this morning:
Give me a rundown of the idea behind Neuwave Renegades.

Well, I grew up in the B-boy kinda days. I saw all these crews in the scene, and I wanted to do a crew. Right now, everyone in our camp is like a family. So we thought, "look, we should make a whole crew, make it something kinda interesting." It's like a hip-hop crew, but house. It's a collective.

What makes the group work?

We've got youth, and we've got experience. It's a nice combination. The boys [Martinez Brothers] are young, they bring a young crowd. I'm a bit older, I bring a different crowd. So that's what makes it interesting–in one big place we've got everybody. It's not just teenagers or just 40-year-olds. When you're 18, you don't wanna hang out in a club with 40-year-olds, it's just whack, no matter how people try to portray it, it's whack. So yeah, we wanna get everybody together and just hang.

I saw Anthony Parasole and DJ Qu are playing your party in Miami. How are they involved in this?

Anthony and Dj Qu are a different crew, they got their own thing going on, but I think they fit with what we're doing. They're not part of Neuwave Renegades, but they make a good addition. It's rare in New York to find other people feeling the same way we do, as far as bigger DJs go.

What can you tell me about the residency in Ibiza?

It's gonna be incredible, I don't know if I can really discuss that though. [

What's behind the name Neuwave Renegades?

It kinda reminded me of the Planet Rock days, when you had Planet Patrol, Renegade Soundwave... in New York I feel like we're kinda the renegades. We're not the usual suspects in New York. We're not full on techno, or the full on soulful crowd, we're neither nor, we're in the middle. We're kind of a new wave, but not "new wave" like the punk rock thing, so I decided to give tribute to the German band Neu, and made it Neuwave. We're not trying to fit into anybody's mold, we're just Neu!

Will you guys make records as Neuwave Renegades?

Yeah, Neuwave Renegades is gonna be a moniker for recordings too. It's a full-on project.

So will each record be you, the Martinez Brothers, Kerri and Andre?

It'll be whoever is available at the time. It's interchangeable–that's the cool thing about it. At the parties, it might be the brothers, it might be me, you don't know what the fuck you're gonna get. It's not about the individual, its about the concept, kinda like Body and Soul, you know, back in the day. Or like Underground Resistance, with them you never knew who the fuck was gonna be there that night, it's just UR!

What's the first release going to be?

We got one we're working on called
40 Deuce, and some other shit... there are no titles yet but the hard drive is fuckin' full.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Pioneer's new Traktor controller DDJ-T1 & Technology Debate...

Having watched the video below, it almost sickens me to think in 10 years time vinyl and most probably CDs will be fully obsolete.

Having said that I do see, maybe not the advantage of Traktor as I am not a fan but the advantage of carrying a terabyte hard drive. As a couple of weeks back I went to see my friend Karizma play down at East Village, he turned up with one hard drive and some usb cables and literally just plugged his hard drive into the CDJ 2000's an of he went.......... (great set BTW)

Now this to me makes more sense rather than Traktor and other similar expensive products as then at least the hard drive is universally beneficial and a cheaper option, as the club industry standard for CDJ's progresses this will become the future in my opinion.

What do you think? Feel free to hit me up and let me know what you think on Twitter (At_One), on Facebook or in the comments box below.......

The Spanish techno DJ extols the virtues of Pioneer's new Traktor controller.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Soulfulbeats presents PHIL ASHER @ Garden Bar, Saturday 26th.

Line Up

Phil Asher
Matt Hughes
Mickey Blanco
Neil MacLean

Time: 6:00pm - 2:00am
41 Bramley Road, Notting Hill, London.
Cost: £10

Murmur Presents Nofitstate @ TBA, Saturday 26th.

Line Up

FCL (We Play House/San Soda & Red D)
Tom Demac - Live

Time: 10:00pm - 6:00am
Venue: TBA London
Cost: £10/15

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

BBC Interview On Sampling...

The BBC speak with Martin Dawe, creator of the Hit 'n' Mix software that allows each musical instrument to be separated out from an audio file, into individual audio scores which can be manipulated separately.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Live Audio From The At One Cover Show on Vu Live

Checkout my covershow on dejavu fm from last Thursday night..

I was asked to cover Crucial B's "House Work Show" and hopefully thats what I did, (my house work).

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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Motor City Drum Ensemble vs Ben Westbeech Interview

Saw this interview over at Juno Plus and thought you may be interested.......

The recent Trouble Vision weekender at their delightfully grimey South London home, Corsica Studios, represented all that is good in electronic music right now, particularly Saturday nights proceedings. Alongside the Detroit legend that is Theo Parrish and the ever-familiar members of the Aus roster – Ramadanman, Midland and label founder Will Saul, was Stuttgart’s finest, Motor City Drum Ensemble.

Known for his signature raw sound combining his affinity for classic Detroit techno with Chicago house, Danilo Plessow brings a certain edge away from the same-old monotonous techno. As one of the guest producers besides Soul Clap, Henrik Schwarz, Midland and MJ Cole on Ben Westbeech’s forthcoming album for Strictly Rhythm, Danilo spent his final minutes before show time to chew the fat with Juno Plus contributor Flora Wong and Westbeech about their work together, the Ableton generation and what’s to come from his label Raw Cuts.

What was the working relationship together like for the new album?

Ben Westbeech: Me and Danilo got on straight away and that’s the beauty of music – being able to meet people and the way it connects you. It’s universal, obviously he’s German and lives over there, and I’ve not spent a lot of time there so it’s often been over the internet…

MCDE: I’ve been in London a lot, I enjoy playing here anyway and I’ve been getting a lot of requests… though don’t want to perform all the time, this was a big party…

So which producers do you really respect at the moment?

MCDE: …There’s a lot happening, there’s so much new stuff these days. Every month there’s so many new artists – some of it is really good which really sticks out because there’s so much crap around – you get sent so much music.

BW: It’s almost like this Ableton generation, it’s become so quick and easy to make music – which is a wonderful thing but it means you do get a lot of crap – but if sticks out then it’s like wow, this is really special.

Despite there being an abundance of overused Ableton presets that anyone might be able to get a hold of – what about those who can’t afford to use analogue synths and equipment that you might use?

MCDE: I have a very distinct opinion on this, it doesn’t really matter what equipment you use, but there’s certain borders I wouldn’t cross. Like there’s this studio next to me teaching Ableton to a class, and they learn to sample like Kerri Chandler and some more recent stuff. They literally take the chords, and breakdowns, and re-sample it, and this is when I say – no. This is too much.

BW: That’s just plagiarism, and not being original. In music it’s so important to make your own sound. And say you shouldn’t sample a really big, old tune.

But where do you draw the line?

BW: Yeah exactly, it’s personal opinion, so I can’t really answer that. If you want to sample one of those tracks then cool, but that’s not what I would do personally.

MCDE: Yeah I guess I grew up in a different era, like the hip hop, sample era… You can sample things but there’s a code. You don’t sample other producers’ snares or kicks, and I think that’s a part of the reason why my music sounds like the way it does – not like all the same Ableton sample packs.

BW: Music needs to sound original otherwise anyone could make it, it’ll be like music by numbers you know, and it’s not going to be special anymore.

So how do you stand on all the big edits out there right now?

BW: Edits are like a different ballgame… but taking something, stealing it and say it’s your own…

MCDE: Yeah that’s when it gets shit.

Ben, you once said, ideally, you’d wanted to work with the likes of Neptunes or Pharrell… how important do you think the vocal elements are in electronic music in terms of production quality?

BW: Yeah totally and well being a singer, vocals are pretty important – production quality is really important to me but it depends, like I might take the loop of a simple but then say lets take the vibe off the sample and make a band play it live – and change it slightly but not use it for the final product…

And Danilo, for your label – was Raw Cuts mostly for yourself to release music?

MCDE: The first Raw Cuts was around like 2004/5 but no one would release it, and everyone was raving about broken beat – while house was a little passé. People liked this more technical, abstract minimal sound so no one would play out this music and someone how I couldn’t find a label… but I believed in it and convinced my label partner to do it and three years later it hit the spot so we were like let’s do it.

So what’s planned for the label next this year?

MCDE: We’ve just released a double 12” this week, but the project is now a little bigger than just stuff on the label and we’re using a different formula to try to do different things from Raw Cuts and we’ll be getting more creative…

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

This Weekends Activities

Inspiration Information - The Final Session @ East Village, Friday 19th.

Line Up

Patrick Forge
Phil Asher

Time: 9pm - 4am
Venue: East village, 89 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch.
Cost: £5 b4 10pm £8 after.

Black Atlantic and Community Present Kerri Chandler @ Plan B, Saturday 20th.

Line Up

Kerri Chandler
Ben Ufo
Krystal Clear
+ Guests

Time: 10pm - 5am
Venue: Plan B, 418 Brixton road, Brixton, SW9.
Cost: £10.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

New Traktor Scratch Coming In April.....

Traktor was first introduced over 10 years ago, and since then, it has become an institution when it comes to digital DJing. The impact the software has had on the DJ scene as well as shaping the trends and developments is both undeniable and impressive. Looking back at the development of Traktor sparks nostalgia and warm fuzzy feelings very much like old school Nintendo does for many of us. In today’s article I will take you through the evolution of Traktor from 2000 through today.

The video below is a great example of how far digital DJing has come but continue reading for a look back to its humble beginnings.

Today, the market has branched off into many different focuses and styles of digital DJing with very impressive software like Ableton and Serato. Here is a look at how the program and the UI has changed over the years.

Traktor DJ Studio 1

Traktor was first released in 2000. The initial versions were Traktor Studio and Traktor DJ, with Traktor Studio being more full-featured.

Traktor DJ Studio 2

In 2002, Traktor DJ Studio 2 was released, which offered several new features including scratch macros. It also expanded its looping, MIDI, and cue point functionality. In 2003, Traktor DJ Studio 2.5 was released. This new version expanded the time stretching functionality, added Open Sound Control(OSC) support, and gave the user limited ability to customize the look of the interface.

Traktor Final Scratch

In 2003, Native Instruments partnered with Stanton Magnetics to develop the software for their “Final Scratch” digital vinyl system. This partnership gave Stanton a Win/Mac version of the Final Scratch software and allowed Native Instruments to use the Final Scratch timecode engine in their own Traktor line.

Traktor 3

In 2005, Native Instruments added vinyl emulation capability to version 2.6 of Traktor DJ Studio. Version 2.6 included live input, streaming internet broadcasting, support for more file formats, and greatly expanded MIDI capability. Soon afterward, Traktor DJ Studio 3 added two more playback decks (for a total of four), built-in effects, Beatport online store integration, a four-channel mixer, a Universal Binary version, deck caching, and minor improvements to existing features.

On October 11, 2006, the partnership between Native Instruments and Stanton Magnetics ended, and Traktor DJ Studio 3 was renamed Traktor 3.

Traktor Pro

In 2008, an updated version of Traktor Pro, and a new version of the DJ studio, Traktor Scratch Pro were released. Traktor Scratch Pro had additional DVS functionality enabled, including the specifically designed Audio 8 DJ audio interface, and timecoded CD or vinyl control.

Traktor Pro S4

When Native Instruments released its newest DJ controller, the S4, it came bundled with an, in many ways redesigned software, adding sample decks among other things. The Traktor Pro S4 also became the natural inspiration for what came next.

Traktor Pro 2

On April 1st 2011, Native Instruments will release its newest DJ software.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Art Department New Album on Crosstown Rebels....

Art Department have unveiled details for their debut album, The Drawing Board. Given the soaring popularity of lastyear's "Without You," you'd think Jonny White and Kenny Glasgow had been at it together for years. In fact, though both artists have long been active in Toronto's club scene, that 12-inch was the first (and is still the only) record in the duo's catalog. Much like that massive single, their debut album is all about sinister but sexy vocal house, often with Glasgow's own deep croon.

The Drawing Board also features a few guest appearances: Seth Troxler delivers vocals on a new track called "Living the Life" as well as the already released "Vampire Nightclub," and Osunlade joins Boston duo Soul Clap on "We Call Love." The album will come out on CD through Crosstown Rebels at the end of April. A month ahead of its release, Art Department will debut their new live act during the Get Lost party at Electric Pickle in Miami.

01. Much Too Much
02. Tell Me Why (Part I)
03. Living The Life feat. Seth Troxler
04. What Does It Sound Like?
05. Without You
06. We Call Love feat. Soul Clap & Osunlade
07. Vampire Nightclub feat. Seth Troxler (Album Version)
08. In The Mood
09. Roberts Cry
10. Tell Me Why (Part II)
11. I C U

Crosstown Rebels will release The Drawing Board on April 25th, 2011.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

This Weekends Activities

Slow Poke @ Bar-A-Bar, Friday 11th.

Line Up

Mark E. (Merc, Sonar Kollectiv, Running Back)
Wbeeza (Third Ear)
Brian Monaco
Gower Ramsey

Time: 10pm - 6am
Venue: Bar-A-Bar 135 Stoke Newington rd
Cost: £10 OTD

Beat Players @ East Village, Friday 11th.

Line Up

Neil Pierce
Sy Sez
John May
Shaun Samuel

Time: 9pm - 3.30am + (SECRET AFTERPARTY)
Venue: East Village, 89 Great Eastern Street, EC2 3HX
Cost: £6 before 11pm – £8 AFTER

East Village 3rd Birthday @ East village, Saturday 12th


Andre Lodemann
Los Charly's Orchestra live
Ashley Beedle
Stuart Patterson
Leo Zero
Orin Walters
Jimmy P

Time: 9pm - 3.30am
Venue: East Village, 89 Great Eastern Street, EC2 3HX
Cost: £8 before 11pm – £10 AFTER

MUAK Presents @ The Red Gallery, Saturday 12th

Line Up

Space 1: Freerange
A very special secret guest
Jimpster (Freerange / Buzzin' Fly)
Milton Jackson (Freerange / Dark Energy)
Zaki & Manish (Muak)

Space 2: monophunk
A very special secret guest
Peter O & Chan (tabula rasa / monophunk)
Ryan Bliss & Ryan Styles (
ADD / tabula rasa)
Tony S (tabula rasa)
& more TBA

Time: 9pm - 6am
Venue: The Red Gallery, 3 Rivington Street, EC2A 3DT
Cost: £8/£10/£15

Tribe Meets Viva La Hous
e feat Black Coffee @ The Den, Saturday 12th

Line Up

Black Coffee
Zepherin Saint
Nick Doe
Matt LS
Kristel Morin
Sef Kombo

Time: 10pm - 6am
Venue: The Den, West Central Street, WC1A 1JJ
Cost: £12/£20