Monday, 7 June 2010

Review of Deep Cover @ Dex Club, Sat 5th June

Well oooook, this weekend was freakish!! It was so HOT then came the tropical rain (you know that chubby warm rain) but it was still so muggy and hot....... So glad Sunday was cooler...

Now with that in mind lets begin, Deep Cover on Sat was set to be a stonker and in alot of ways it was but as with all good parties a problem with the venue can mess with your mojo!!! Now I pitched up at 12 on the dot and gosh it was stifling inside Dex club. Simon boi was pitching some warm up grooves, fixing for Groove Assassain to come on an tear up the place.

Now before I forget Paris Cesvette let me just say although I missed your set I have it on good word that you played a blinder and let off some hot exclusives of your own.

Now the problem with Dex club on Sat was the HEAT, Jeeez. If you stood still you were sweating!! An this was making it hard for people to get their swerve on but as with all good crowds they did a good job of soldiering on!! Many took it as shift work to go between the dancefloor and the upstairs roof terrace.

Now Once Groove Assassin stepped on the party stepped up a notch playing deep soulful and dubby with the occasional sprinkle of outright soulful slammers, we were on our way to a monster jam but after a while unfortunately the heat started getting the better of everyone, which lead to an increase in the upstairs downstairs migration! But Groove defo did his job and got the party ready for Neil Pierce then to step up.

Neil then persisted to bang out tune after tune for his whole set, now for those loyal readers you will know we expect nothing less from him!!! Check the brief video for proof lol. Now don't be disheartened cause the only half the crowd lol the rest of em are upstairs trying to cool down lolol. Also a big shout goes out to Blue Boy who drove it home till gone 5am and werent having none of the bouncers sh1t about stop the music...... Go on my son :-)

As always big up the Deep Cover boys, I hear a venue change is on the cards but whatever happens boys you got a good party, great crowd, always on point with the line up, so KEEP IT UP.

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