Saturday, 30 January 2010

Winter Music Conference just over a month away!!!

The Winter Music Conference, in its 25th consecutive year, is one of the most publicized annual music gatherings in the world. A pivotal platform for advancement of the industry, WMC 2009 attracted 1,910 artists and DJs, 3,228 industry delegates from 62 countries and over 70,000 event attendees for a concentrated schedule of more than 500 events presented across 5 days. Music, as one of the world’s most accessible cultural art forms, gives WMC the unique ability to cross economic, geographic and social boundaries. Over 1.3 million visitors from 183 countries log on to the WMC website each year. This year its held from March 23-27.

Winter Music Conference

I think this is one event i would love (& give anything) to be listed as Dj for, spinning those house beats, so if any one wishes to book me im available lol. There will be more to come on this, as soon as the line ups are listed etc.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Not 100% but I'm eager to hear!!

Ok so im not 100% on this so don't try and quote me, I was waiting to see if anything else about it popped up but as per... it didn't. So anyway i think Karizma is mixing the next Strictly Rhythm compilation, as I saw him speaking on how he was gonna put some tracks he had just finished on the miami edition.

Now knowing the type of oldskool deep house sound that Stritcly have i think this could be a banger in forward thinking education for them lol.

Anyways i may post something abit later on but i have a busy day in the studio with Sy Sez, so we'll see.

Ciao for now.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Defected Producer Competition

Good morning, afternoon or evening (depends when your reading).
Yesterday i spotted something i think maybe of interest to all my aspiring producers out there, now lately theres been a lot of producer competitions and i noticed that Defected are running one as i speak!!! This competition is run in conjunction with Traxsource & others and is being held for a month to get your entrys in from the 25th Jan - 25th Feb.

I myself will have a stab at it, lord willin' i'll win lol, as there is alot up for grabs, prizes are listed below:-

"The producers aren't the only ones with a chance of winning though. Everyone who registers on the site to rate, vote for and comment on the tracks is entered into a competition to win a 160G ipod. Plus all those who register will automatically receive a 30% off voucher to spend on anything they like in Defected's D-Store."

Track released on Defected or partner label
Copy of Ableton Suite 8
Loopmasters sample packs worth over £1k
$200 of credit on Traxsource

Copy of Ableton Live 8
5 Loopmasters sample packs of your choice
$100 of credit on Traxsource

Copy of Ableton Intro
5 Loopmasters sample packs of your choice
$50 of credit on Traxsource

Defected Producer Competition

Happy Housing.

P.s heres a good laugh!!!!!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Bit More SoundCloud Love

First off the drop box for you guys to send me your stuff will be located on the top right of the page above the old Twitter box, as i am a Dj/Producer and love to hear new tracks. the drop box looks like this: Send me your track

Also i have another upload to share with u guys for your listening pleasure, definitely an oldie but a goodie. A track that like the tittle takes you Deep Down.

Deep Down - At One by At One

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Osunlade & Ron Trent Headline Muak @ Egg

Saturday 30th January sees Muak (People Together) return to London’s EGG Club to kick off 2010 with another night of deep, soulful House.

Looking Like a sure fire winner here, Im hoping to get down there to support Mr Bandy & also to see Mr Trent in action!! alongside a host of others like Webster & Zaki....

The Basement
Underground House with the legends;


with support from

- Kellilicious
- Hamish Dunn & Dave Lynam (Soulogic)

The Terrace
Deep, tech House;


The Loft
The future sound of House with Shameless;

- Toni C & Plastic Pippo
- Eightbitrate

The Apothecary
The finest Soulful House;

- Moi launch party
- Bobbie Anderson / Anna Kiss / Booker T
- Alix Jinx / Funkfanatic / Babyface Jay

The Garden
Smooth Latino House;
- Matt Bandy
- Dove
- Mr XS & Scottie D
- DJ Lewi

With House Legends
Saturday 30th January
200 York Way
Kings Cross
London N7 9AP
Nearest Tube / Rail : Kings Cross
Bus: 390

Admission is £12.00 with an advance ticket, or £15.00 on the night.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Soul Heaven & Hati Fundraiser Review

Wow, where do i start!! I'm knackered......... But I have had an amazing time and feel like we need more Soul Heaven in our lives lol!!

So I decided to take my camera on saturday up to Soul Heaven but upon reflection I regret to inform I'm not the best photographer despite being allowed in the Dj booths. I'm gonna put it down to having to much jokes and in general having a wicked time soaking up some wicked music!

Brief Soul Heaven Review

Ok so i pitch up with Sy Sez and associates (Dan, Damian & Leon + others) get inside Ministry and my journey begins, first off with Sy Sez playing a wicked opening set full of soulful uplifting grooves, playing the best in new and old house music really opening up the dance floor to get people going. Then along came guest Dj/Producer Sean McCabe who's set in my personal opinion wasn't amazing but had some nice tracks flowing throughout, not to take away from his wicked production skills. (Pictured Below Sean McCabe left & Sy Sez right)

After Sean along comes Neil Pierce, now if you don't already know or haven't already heard Neil is an amazing dj who almost instantaneously had the crowd eating at his fingertips playing the best soulful house and really working the dance floor over. Alongside Neil there was a live Pa with Adeola Ranson performing Tracks like her forthcoming release with the AphroDisiax 'Little Bird' which went down a storm with the Soul Heaven crowd (Pictured below we have Adeola Ranson, Adeola Ranson & Neil Pierce, Sy Sez & Niel Pierce).

Whilst all this was going on in the bar Phil Asher selection king was warming up for Louie Vega, now Phil had a blinding set and as always was an absolute pleasure to watch. Phil played some classic tracks and some new pressure tearing through the dance floor with ease, Im sure Phil was built to DJ lol. After Phil came Louie Vega, now Louie played some serious dancefloor heat with all the usual MAW & Louie bits and the usual big dancefloor tracks, as per usual Louie did kill it with the disco edits till 7:30 am. I personally become more & more impressed with Phil and his selection the more i see him, as for Louie i was impressed but not in awe (Pictured below Phil Asher & Louie Vega).

Whilst Louie was in the main room, Aaron Ross came on in the bar for Neil and blasted out some hard tracks not quite your usual Soul Heaven tracks but the crowd were going nuts for it, playing the most amount of exclusive edits you will ever here lol. After Aaron, Sy finished off the bar playing some deep/soulful grooves.

All in all a good night was had by all, enough said lol.

Brief Hati Fundraiser Review

The Hati fundraiser was good fun and alot of money was raised due to the generosity of all the people their. There were notable performances from Phil Asher, Dj Crookid and the live Pa of 'Circles' from Nathan Adams also Don E's performance of his track with Aaron Ross created a nice vibe inside, for a very good cause. A fitting end to a good weekend of house music.

Unfortunately i didn't take the old camera with me as I was forgetful due to lack of sleep!!

Right Im Knackered off to bed for me, excuse all spelling and grammar issues lol!!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

This Weekends Activities & Fundraisers

The weekends here and i have a few picks for some great nights out and good causes;

First up we all know its Soul Heaven tonight, i think thats where most of us are headed which is looking like being a stomper but i wont say too much as i have already spoken on that and given out the promo mix from Sy Sez (see earlier posts Info & Mix)

Second, we have TRIBE running a fundraiser for those of you who think ministry will be too much to take, the fundraiser is called Tribe Oxfam Hati Appeal and all proceeds will be going to Hati in the wake of such a disaster. NOT A NIGHT OUT BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IN PLACE OF ONE.

Here's What Tribe Said:

"We have Joined forces with Oxfam to raise money for the Humanitarian disaster that took place on January 12th in Haiti.
We kindly ask you to donate any amount to help the victims rebuild their lives and their communities."

"You can make a donation via our donation page set up with Virgin media. The funds will be processed quickly and go directly to Oxfam."

Donation Link:

Third, but by no means last we have Sunday night out, where East Village plays host to a fine line up of dj's also supporting Oxfam in fundraising for HATI

The DJ's who have pledged to play will be:-

Phil Asher
Kev Beadle
Dom Servini
DJ Crookid
Collin Patterson
Kinetic P
Femi Bee

Live PA's by Don E, Natasha Watts and Nathan Adams.......Percussion by Sheyi

Start Time: Sunday, January 24, 2010 at 9:00pm
End Time: Monday, January 25, 2010 at 2:00am
Location: East Village
Street: 89 Great Eastern Street
City/Town: London, United Kingdom

Heres the link to the event page: HATI fundraiser @ East Village

Friday, 22 January 2010

Start Happy Friday With a Free Mix

So its Friday, the weekend has dawned upon us and we have Soul Heaven to look forward to so im thinking what should i post to start the day off @ 3am lol and it dawns upon me (no pun intended). What better than to give you a Soul Heaven promo mix from a good mate of mine Sy Sez.

Soul Heaven Resident SY SEZ delivers this promo mix for Januarys event @ Ministry of Sound celebrating 10 years of Soul Heaven ! This mix features the latest in soulful house cuts from artists such as Vanessa Freeman, Alton Miller, Jose Carretas, Frankie Feleciano, John Oudo, Sean McCabe + more.... Aswell as taking a brief trip back in time to the mid 90's soulful garage sound with tracks by Janet Rushmore, Big Moses & Smack Records...

1 Kings Of Tomorrow - Flying Saucer
2 Alton Miller - Time On 2
3 Rainer Truby ft. Vanessa Freeman - Livin in the Music
4 N'dinga Gaba feat. Scotty P - Queen (Ricanstruction Extended Mix)
5 Anto Vitale feat. Tamara Wellons - Out Of This World (Jose Carretas Vocal Mix)
6 Louis Benedetti & Andricka Hall - Life Is Good (Louis Benedetti Club Vox)
7 John Oudo feat Junior + Adeola Ranson & Ann Browne - Work Me Over (Main vox Mix)
8 Paradise Garage Accapella
9 Sean McCabe & Adeola Ranson - A Little More Love (Sean McCabe Main Vocal Mix)
10 Deep Zone feat Ceybil Jefferies - It's Gonna Be Alright (Sean McCabe Vocal Mix)
11 Big Moses feat. Michelle Ayers - Joy (Dub Mix)
12 Leisha Moore - Damn What A Feelin
13 Janet Rushmore - All About Me (Original Smack Mix)
14 Native Soul feat. Trey Washington - A New Day (Spencer Parker's A Gun For Hire Remix)
15 DJ Le Roi ft Chappell - Get Ready (Halo City Deep Vocal Dub Mix)
16 Reboot - Enjoy Music
17 Irfan Rainy And Rex Leon - Vodun

Download Sy Sez's Mix

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Soul Heaven @ Ministry, Jan 23rd

Whos excited for a heavyweight event to commense, cause boy i know i am. Here's the Line up, looking sick!!

Soul Heaven presents:10 years of Soul Heaven


Louie Vega
Phil Asher
Jocelyn Brown (Live PA)
Barbara Tucker (Live PA)


Neil Pierce
Aaron Ross
Sy Sez
Sean McCabe
Plus Live Pa From Adeola Ranson


Chris Belsey & Karl Gonzales - Back to Back

Baby Box:

Jamesy Morgan
Marky D
Clemy Rilley
Rudeboy Rupert

An this is what Soul Heaven had to say!!!!!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Saturday 23rd January sees Soul Heaven celebrate its 10 year anniversary at Ministry of Sound. Headlining the proceedings, leading man Louie Vega will be making his first performance of the year joined by Jocelyn Brown and Barbara Tucker performing live exclusively in the Box.

After the success of the last Louie Vega Get Together event back in October, Soul Heaven resident Louie Vega returns prior to the launch of his new Ministry of Sound compilation ‘Ten Years of Soul Heaven’ to spinout deep and soulful house. Still going strong after a successful decade, the party renowned for bringing the best line-ups of its kind welcomes Phil Asher, Jocelyn Brown and Barbara Tucker. Neil Pierce, Aaron Ross, Sean McCabe and Sy Sez all takeover the Bar shaping up the soulful journey with distinctive vocals and percussive beats.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
11pm – 7.00am
£20 Advance // £6 from 4am // Students £6 before 12, £10 After
Tickets available from:
08444 771 000

Finally On SoundCloud

After much deliberation i have made the leap on to SoundCloud today, I will be posting up stuff/snippets when trax are completed & will keep you posted.

At One on SoundCloud

Heres a little re-fix to get you warmed up.

Hyph Mngo - Joy Orbison (At One Re-Edit) by At One

January Top Ten

January Top Ten From At One

1) Ralf GUM feat. Kafele - Complicated (Raw Artistic Soul Vocal Dub)
2) Matthias Heilbronn & Joeski - Sabrosito (Sabrosito Beats)
3) DJ Le Roi ft Chappell - Get Ready (Halo Dub Vocal Mix)
4) DJ T - Try to Understand (Original Mix)
5) K-Motion - Ghetto Romance (AphroDisiax & Mr Jimi 'Cut n Shut' Dub)
6) DJ Dealer - Hungry (Destroyer Mix)
7) Jose Carretas feat. Dani - Take Your Time (Vocal Mix)
8) Danny Native - The Politik/She Gone (V.2)
9) DJ Chus & Rob Mirage - Still Beatin (Original Mix)
10)Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo (At One Re-Edit)

All/Most tracks will be available from
Traxsource or Juno

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Twenty Ten a year for progression


First off, i have some great stuff for you to Check Out, Some press articles on Moi, friends, some cool sites an My Top 10 for January.

Extract from Soul inspired Blog:


"At One Is a new Dj/producer around London, playing deep/soulful/afro/broken-beat/tech house all over London and further a field. At One has strong artist affiliations from Phil Asher, AphroDisiax, Danny Native, Matt Bandy, D-Malice, Dj 279 (Choice FM), CutMaster Swift (DMC World Champion), Tommy four Seven (Shooting Elvis) and many many more."

"Loving music in general At One has been producing/learning for about 5 years and only really got into it about 3 years ago. Curently he has a release with Grin Recordings 'Montreal is Safe - At One mix' out on the 23rd Feb and tracks like 'Kick it' and 'We do somethin' circling London town. Also tracks from his 'Now & Then Ep' and many

Also check out this article, on Danny Native

This article gives an insight into the mind of an Altered Native

Also here for your consideration i present KWAI & LORD BYRON

Kwai & Lord Byron Interview

Some Good Websites/Blogs to look at:

* AphroDisiaxs

* Restless Soul

* Bopstar

* Altered Natives London

* Lime Stone Recordings

* D-Malice Recordings

* DJ Sef

* Nu Sound Therapy