Monday, 30 April 2012

An interview with Nic Fanciulli

TimeOut Japan interviews Nic Fanciulli.

You seem to be covering most of Asia on your current tour. Do you feel like the club scene here has developed a lot over the last few years?

‘I think Tokyo's always been the benchmark for what people do in Asia – if you look at a lot of the clubs, club promoters and owners, they take a lot of their club design and influences from Japan, especially Tokyo. Also, I think the internet has helped a lot for Asia – especially China. 20 years ago, no one was going to China, and now a lot of people go to five or six different places there to play.’

The audiences in Japan have a reputation for really knowing their stuff. Have you found that in other Asian countries?
‘I think everywhere is different, you know? When I play in Singapore, the crowd is more reserved, but they stay with you. The problem with Tokyo is that you're so spoilt. You ask any DJ his favourite place to play in the world, and I'm pretty sure nine out of ten would say Tokyo. And then you have different places like China, where they don't really know the music; they're a lot more reserved there. I just think it's going to take time to develop certain places: for example, I go to Kuala Lumpur and I get a great response there, but I speak to other DJs who play different styles of music, and they don't.’
If you're playing to a crowd who seem like they're quite green, does that affect what you're spinning?
‘I think it makes you a little more cautious about what you're playing, and you tend to go through your music a lot quicker than you normally would, because you're trying to work out what they're like. But at the same time, I've just got experience with what places react in different ways, and I just stick to my sound. They're there to see you play, so you should play what you're doing. That just comes with experience and age, I think – you can't have amazing atmospheres in every club.’
The press material for your Balance 021 compilation talks a lot about ‘permanence’ and the ‘timeless quality’ of the mix. How do you actually achieve that when you're putting a mix together?
‘It's something that's organic, that doesn't really follow the trend. I wanted it to really appeal at any moment – an after party, in a car... a barbecue, for instance. (Laughs) I didn't want to follow the trend – that was the most important thing. I wanted to be able to hear it in ten years' time and say, you know, it still sounds good now. The second CD is a Saved CD, so it's a showcase of the label, and it's a bit more club-orientated, a bit more how you would see me. I try to get a four, five-hour set condensed to about 80 minutes. It was difficult, but I spent six months on the project, so hopefully–’
Six months? 
‘Yeah, I know. I was speaking to my friend, who's another DJ, and he spent two weeks on his compilation. (Laughs) Honestly, I think by the end of it my wife and my brother – who works in the studio with me – didn't want to speak to me again, because I was so fussy. If you listen to the first CD, everything is in key – a lot of people aren't going to notice it, but I felt that I had to deliver something that was perfect enough to justify people paying for it.’
Were you doing the mix in realtime?
‘I did: I tried to do all the mixes in realtime, and then I transported it to the computer. I'm not going to lie about that. I think, to get the level of editing nowadays, you have to do that. It's not cheating or anything: you don't have to prove that you can mix or anything like that, because I'm doing it week in, week out. But to get something that perfect, sounding that crafted, I felt that I had to go into the computer and edit it. The one thing with the compilation that I found harder is that there's a lot of legalities with iTunes now... and if one record got pulled out of the mix then I'd have to move four or five records around it, because I wanted to get to that specific point, that feeling, in the mix. It was tough: I won't be doing another one for another few years. (Laughs)’
When you get pegged as a house or tech house DJ, it must restrict your choices a little. Are there any tracks that you've absolutely loved, but never been able to drop into a set?
‘Tokyo is the only place I can get away with it. The first New Year's Eve I did there, I got to play ambient, I got to play dubstep, I played drum 'n' bass for half an hour, I played disco – and that's what I love. I wish I could be more creative around the world, doing that. Sometimes I feel that you can't get away with it, only in certain places, and Womb in Tokyo is one of the only places that I can get really, really creative. I can't wait to get there next Saturday, because I'm going to get to play everything.’
Is there any particular track or artist that people might be surprised to find you like?
‘Joy Orbison is one of my favourite producers – and James Blake, as well. My background in music is very much the early indie stuff, like Oasis and Happy Mondays and Stone Roses, and I was also a massive fan of Portishead and Tricky and things like that.’
So was there a moment as a teenager when you'd listen to dance music and think, ‘Oh, this is just a load of shit’?
‘I think I just grew into it – I just didn't really know what dance music was until I got into bands like Underworld, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, and then the transition went from that to DJs like Laurent Garnier, Lee Burridge. So I never thought it was shit, I just wasn't into it at the time.’
Just one more question: do you ever wake up in a hotel room wondering where the hell you are?
‘Yeah, I do. And the funniest part of all that is when I land back at Heathrow or Gatwick and they ask me where I've been, I go blank half the time. I don't know – they're like, "Where have you come from?" and I'm like, "I really don't know," and they're like, "Well, you just got off the plane," and I'm like, "Yeah, but I don't know…" That happens pretty regularly.’

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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

This Weekends Activities

All Friends with Shur I Kan (Freerange)/ Dj Le Roi (Compost)/ Zaki (Muak) @ Rhythm Factory, Friday 28th.

Line Up
DJ Le Roi
Damian Charles
Scottie D

Time: 22.00 - 07.00
Venue: Rhythm Factory/ 16-18 Whitechapel Road , Whitechapel, E1 1EW
Cost: £6, £8

Viva la house featuring Dj Gregory & Atjazz @ Scala, Saturday 29th.

Line Up

DJ GREGORY (Defected / Faya Combo / Paris)
ATJAZZ (Atjazz Record Company)
NICK DOE (Viva La House)
W BEEZA (Third Ear / Secret Sundaze)
RICKY WARD (Deep Secrets)
MANIO (Viva La House)


Time: 22:00 - 06:00am

Venue: 275 Pentonville Road, Kings cross, N1 9NL London, United Kingdom
Cost: £20 

Tastebudz.Inc Deep Into Soul presents Phil Asher at Music Bar & Club

Line Up

Phil Asher (restless soul/rstless trax)
Luke McCarty (HHA)
Ziggy Funk ( Heaven)
Patrick Crookid (
Martin Lodge (Push

Time: 22:00 - 06:00am
Venue: Music Bar & Club/ 144 Brixton Hill, Brixton, SW2 1SD
Cost: £12 on the door £10 Concession

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

MURK Video Interview

Oscar G and Ralph Falcon talk out about the 'Intruder' alias, their new productions, how they go about creating their unique records and what's going down in their home town Miami.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Roberto Rodriguez Forthcoming Album: Dawn

Roberto Rodriguez will release his first full-length, Dawn on his own Serenades imprint on May 14th.

Rodriguez is based in Helsinki, where he's been putting out records for over a decade. Also known as Manolo and as a member of the Finnish techno collective Future Beat Investigators, Rodriguez's deep house and disco-oriented solo material has recently shown up on labels like Delusions of Grandeur, Freerange and FINA.Dawn will be released on Serenades, the label he started last year. Aside from an ambient intro and digital reprise of the title track, most of the album is devoted to floor-ready material filled with retro-leaning synth work and lots of vocals. Lead single "Tell Me" was released on vinyl last month and featured a remix from US artist Jacques Renault. Dawn will be put out on a 14-song CD as well as a digital version featuring four extra tracks.

01. Tito
02. Show Me
03. Eternity
04. I Believe In You
05. Love Withdrawal
06. Tell Me feat. Kholi
07. Saturn
08. Try (How Am I Supposed To)
09. Eva
10. Body Right
11. Shibuya
12. Lies feat. Max C
13. Song 4 You feat. Devon Dunaway
14. Dawn
15. Alone Tonight
16. Mustat Varjot
17. Dawn (Reprise)
18. Tell Me feat. Kholi (Instrumental & Backing Vox version)

Serenades will release Dawn on May 14th, 2012.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Maya Jane Coles: Dj Kicks Video Interview

Ahead of the release of her DJ-Kicks mix Coles chats on camera about her approach to DJing and production and why she never gets writers' block.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

This Weekends Activities

Apogee presents...Huxley, Adam Shelton, Coat Of Arms, Maxxi Soundsystem, Cera Alba @ Lightbox, Friday 20th.

Line Up
Huxley, (Hypercolour/2020)
Coat Of Arms = (Eats Everything b2b Chris James), (Futureboogie)
Maxxi Soundsystem, (Hot Creations)
Cera Alba, (Hot Creations)
eLDOKO, (what!what!/Gottwood)
+ Residents (K.A.G., George a. g, Ron E.)

Louche Showcase
Adam Shelton, (Air London/One Records)
Brinsley Kazak,
Bruno Schmidt, 

Time: 10:00pm - 7:00am
Venue: Lightbox/ 6A S Lambeth Pl, London, SW8 1SP
Cost: £12 second release, £15 final release

Defected In The House @ Ministry Of Sound, Saturday 21st.

Line Up


Dimitri From Paris
Simon Dunmore

Time: 11:00pm - 7:00am
Venue: Ministry Of Sound/ 103 Gaunt Street, Elephant & Castle, London, SE1 6DP
Cost: £15 Earlybird, £20 Advance

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Theo Parrish compiles Sound Signature Sounds Vol.2

Details have emerged for Sound Signature Sounds Vol.2, a new collection of mostly old tracks by Detroit luminary Theo Parrish.

The compilation comes 12 years after the first Sound Signature Sounds, which was reissued in 2008. It focuses mostly on Parrish's catalog throughout the '00s, culling tracks from his own 12-inches on his boutique label, Sound Signature, though there's also one Three Chairs tune from '97 ("Rain for Jimmy") and one previously unreleased song called "Didn't Pay Dues." Sound Signature Sounds Vol.2 will be available only as a limited edition CD. It's expected to ship on April 20th. 

01. Get Got
02. I Can Take It
03. Suns Of Osiris
04. Didn't Pay Dues (unreleased)
05. Rain for Jimmy
06. Capritarious
07. Dirt Rhodes
08. Instant Insanity
09. Timeislafinacharunninout

Sound Signature will release Sound Signature Sounds Vol.2 on April 20th, 2012.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Pioneer announce RMX-1000

Pioneer have put out details on a forthcoming remix station: the RMX-1000.

The system is made up of a hardware unit, editing software and a VST/AU plug-in. RMX-1000 is essentially an FX box and sampler, mapped design-wise for ease of use in club environments. The unit brings together features from other Pioneer DJ gear, which includes the Isolator from the DJM-2000 and the X-Pad from the DJM-900nexus, housed amid four main sections on the front panel—Scene FX, Isolator FX, X-Pad and Release FX. A key feature of the RMX-1000 centres on customization: all parameters can be modified using the remixbox software then saved to an SD card, while Pioneer has said they will later make available settings from some of brand ambassadors like James Zabiela and Laidback Luke. With the VST/AU plug-in there's also a studio angle to the RMX-1000, offering (obviously) a dedicated hardware controller for its bank of FX. The below introductory video gives a fast-paced introduction the RMX-1000. 

Pioneer will release the RMX-1000 in May 2012 at a suggested retail price of 699 Euro.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Osunlade Video Interview On Defected In The House

Osunlade talks about his forthcoming In The House compilation and see him DJing at London's HOrse & Groom

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

This Weekends Activities

Rude Photo with Felix Da Housecat @ Egg, Friday 13th

Line Up

Felix Da Housecat
So Called Scumbags
Night Life In London

Time: 11:00pm - 08:00am
Venue: Egg/ 200 York Way; Kings Cross; London N7 9AP
cost: £10/ £20 on the door


Line Up


Time: 8:00PM-2:00AM
Venue: Life Bar, 2-4 Old Street London EC1 9AA
Cost: Free

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Get Your Tickets: Festival 24 @ Littlecroft, 2 June 2012

Festival 24 @ Littlecroft, 2 June 2012

Line Up

Very Special Guest - TBA

The Martinez Brothers (Objektivity)

Subb-an (Crosstown Rebels)

Robert James (Hot Creations)

Eats Everything (Hypercolour)

Culoe De Song (Innervisions/Soulistic music)

Rocco (Realtone Records)

Manoo (Realtone Records)

Zepherin Saint (Tribe Records)

Bugz in the Attic



Wbeeza (Third Ear Recordings)

Ethyl (Secret Agency)

Tomoki Tamura (Holic-Music)

AphroDisiax (Gavin Peters & Sy Sez)

At One

Dominique Danielle (Rinse FM)

Leon Paul (Nyumba Deep)

Lady T

D Pressure (Project Minimal)

Jessica Rabbit (SLeeP)

Able (Rinse FM)

La DJ Petite

Rufus! (Sunday West)

Khyan (Broadcite)


One Ohm

Luke Anderson

Danny Mowe

Kieron Kruz

***Limited £30 tickets can currently be purchased by calling one of our agents on 07515 034 684 (N, W & S Ldn) / 07961 822 924 (E Ldn) / 07903 392 858 (N London & Essex). £40 tickets are now on sale by loggin on to the website (***

Festival 24 is the latest edition to your essential summer calendar. The twenty four hour electronic music festival will make its debut this year, in the rural setting of Radlett, Hertfordshire. The philanthropic organisers are using the launch of the festival to raise awareness and money for the ‘Just for Kids Law’ charity, aimed at helping young people in difficulty.

Broken beats, Afro, Deep, Tech, Minimal, Japanese and Soulful house form the line- up delivering a collective of music that reflects the team’s love of the genre. A passion for music is at the core of this intimate event and the eclectic mix of house sounds inspired by a diverse selection of cultures, creates its own niche.
The artists headlining the 24 hour music marathon illustrate an assortment of talent from the ever evolving genre, promising performances that will captivate the audience. The beautifully rustic backdrop makes the perfect location for festival revellers to completely absorb the essence of house music, while soaking up the summer sun.
With a fully stocked bar, fresh food and a 24 hour music marathon, the event offers the complete package for festival goers. Join us and be a part of the Festival 24 experience from the very begining.

More info

FB: Festival 24

T: @Festival_24

BBM: 27F287CC

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

This Weekends Activities

Potty Mouth Easter Special at Secret East London Location

Line Up

Coat Of Arms (Eats Everything & Chris James)
(Futureboogie / Pets Recordings)

Waifs & Strays
(Futureboogie / Hot Creations)

(Lower East / Hot Waves)


Time: 9pm - 6am
Venue: Secret East London Location Tba  / TBA
Cost: £5 - £10 adv / £15 OTD

Point Blank Online and Spl presents...Dirtybird Bbq Warehouse Party @ TBA

Line Up

Claude VonStroke
Justin Martin
Julio Bashmore
Eats Everything
Catz 'N Dogz
French Fries
Tom Flynn
A1 Bassline
Sacha Robotti

Time: 4pm - 6am
Venue: TBA - East London  / East London
Cost: £10/£15/£20 & MOTD

Inner Rhythm at East Village

Line Up

Phil Asher 
Stuart Patterson

Time: 9:30pm - 5:00 am
Venue: East Village/ 89 Great Eastern St, London, EC2A 3HX
Cost: £5 advance, more on the door

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Fragments the new André Lodemann compilation.

André Lodemann will release a new compilation called Fragments this May.

The Berlin-based producer has seen EP releases on Simple Records, Z Records, Room With A View, Freerange, and his own Best Works imprint over the past eight years. Fragments, a new two-CD package on Best Works, will highlight the best of these releases and selected remixes by Lodemann. The first disc is a ten-track affair with eight previously-released tracks and two new, exclusive songs, "Going To The Core"— featuring a vocal from Nathalie Claude—and "Unknown Desire," both of which will also see a vinyl release on a separate EP (Fragments Originals) in April. The second disc features a selection eleven remixes of different artists by Lodemann, including a new vocal mix of Omar's "Lay It Down," and four remixes have also seen release on a vinyl EP called Fragments Remixes earlier this week.


01. Your Choice
02. Searchin’ feat. Nathalie Claude
03. Coming Home
04. Don't Panic
05. The Light
06. Going to The Core feat. Nathalie Claude
07. Riven Reminiscences
08. Where Are You Now?
09. Vehemence of Silence
10. Unknown Desire

01. Prommer & Barck feat. Lois Longerling - Lovin’ (André Lodemann Remix)
02. Omar - Lay It Down (André Lodemann New Vocal Mix)
03. Vakula - Ring of Night (André Lodemann Remix)
04. Phonique feat. Ian Whitelaw - Our Time Our Chance (André Lodemann Remix)
05. January Tuesday - True Love’s Sake (André Lodemann Vocal Mix)
06. Mario & Vidis feat. Ernesto - Changed (André Lodemann Remix)
07. Joey Negro presents Akabu - Another World (André Lodemann Remix)
08. TraceyThorn -Why Does The Wind? (André Lodemann Remix)
09. Spirit Catcher – Sedona (André Lodemann Remix)
10. Liquideep - Feel It (André Lodemann Remix)
11. Alton Miller feat. Stephane Vera & Angelique - Stars In Your Eyes (André Lodemann Remix)

Best Works will release Fragments on May 21st.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Âme set to release live album

Âme have a live album due for release in May on Innervisions. 

Âme is Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer, the German duo who run Innervisions with Dixon. They've been DJing and producing together for almost exactly ten years, but as of late they've begun dividing labor a bit more evenly, with Beyer doing most of the DJing and Wiedemann spearheading their live act, which debuted in 2010. Simply entitled Âme Live, the upcoming album is a collection of recordings from the road, all of which have been edited specifically for the album and woven into a continuous mix. It features new versions of classics like "Where We At" and "Rej" as well as remixes of other artists, including a previously unreleased "beatless" mix of Gui Boratto's "This Is Not the End."

01. Roy Ayers – Tarzan (Âme Remix)
02. Âme & Amampondo – Ku Kanjani
03. Ame – Nia
04. Osunlade – Envision (Âme Remix)
05. Ame – Enoi
06. Unkle – Hold My Hand (Âme Remix)
07. Henrik Schwarz/Ame/Dixon – D.P.O.M.B.
08. Rodamaal – Insomnia (Âme Remix)
09. Âme – Junggesellenmaschine
10. Underworld – Crocodile (Âme Remix)
11. Henrik Schwarz/Âme/Dixon – Where We At
12. Âme – Rej
13. Âme – Setsa
14. Gui Boratto – This Is Not the End (Âme Beatless Mix)

Innervisions will release Âme Live on May 2nd, 2012.