Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Theo Parrish compiles Sound Signature Sounds Vol.2

Details have emerged for Sound Signature Sounds Vol.2, a new collection of mostly old tracks by Detroit luminary Theo Parrish.

The compilation comes 12 years after the first Sound Signature Sounds, which was reissued in 2008. It focuses mostly on Parrish's catalog throughout the '00s, culling tracks from his own 12-inches on his boutique label, Sound Signature, though there's also one Three Chairs tune from '97 ("Rain for Jimmy") and one previously unreleased song called "Didn't Pay Dues." Sound Signature Sounds Vol.2 will be available only as a limited edition CD. It's expected to ship on April 20th. 

01. Get Got
02. I Can Take It
03. Suns Of Osiris
04. Didn't Pay Dues (unreleased)
05. Rain for Jimmy
06. Capritarious
07. Dirt Rhodes
08. Instant Insanity
09. Timeislafinacharunninout

Sound Signature will release Sound Signature Sounds Vol.2 on April 20th, 2012.

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