Monday, 25 January 2010

Soul Heaven & Hati Fundraiser Review

Wow, where do i start!! I'm knackered......... But I have had an amazing time and feel like we need more Soul Heaven in our lives lol!!

So I decided to take my camera on saturday up to Soul Heaven but upon reflection I regret to inform I'm not the best photographer despite being allowed in the Dj booths. I'm gonna put it down to having to much jokes and in general having a wicked time soaking up some wicked music!

Brief Soul Heaven Review

Ok so i pitch up with Sy Sez and associates (Dan, Damian & Leon + others) get inside Ministry and my journey begins, first off with Sy Sez playing a wicked opening set full of soulful uplifting grooves, playing the best in new and old house music really opening up the dance floor to get people going. Then along came guest Dj/Producer Sean McCabe who's set in my personal opinion wasn't amazing but had some nice tracks flowing throughout, not to take away from his wicked production skills. (Pictured Below Sean McCabe left & Sy Sez right)

After Sean along comes Neil Pierce, now if you don't already know or haven't already heard Neil is an amazing dj who almost instantaneously had the crowd eating at his fingertips playing the best soulful house and really working the dance floor over. Alongside Neil there was a live Pa with Adeola Ranson performing Tracks like her forthcoming release with the AphroDisiax 'Little Bird' which went down a storm with the Soul Heaven crowd (Pictured below we have Adeola Ranson, Adeola Ranson & Neil Pierce, Sy Sez & Niel Pierce).

Whilst all this was going on in the bar Phil Asher selection king was warming up for Louie Vega, now Phil had a blinding set and as always was an absolute pleasure to watch. Phil played some classic tracks and some new pressure tearing through the dance floor with ease, Im sure Phil was built to DJ lol. After Phil came Louie Vega, now Louie played some serious dancefloor heat with all the usual MAW & Louie bits and the usual big dancefloor tracks, as per usual Louie did kill it with the disco edits till 7:30 am. I personally become more & more impressed with Phil and his selection the more i see him, as for Louie i was impressed but not in awe (Pictured below Phil Asher & Louie Vega).

Whilst Louie was in the main room, Aaron Ross came on in the bar for Neil and blasted out some hard tracks not quite your usual Soul Heaven tracks but the crowd were going nuts for it, playing the most amount of exclusive edits you will ever here lol. After Aaron, Sy finished off the bar playing some deep/soulful grooves.

All in all a good night was had by all, enough said lol.

Brief Hati Fundraiser Review

The Hati fundraiser was good fun and alot of money was raised due to the generosity of all the people their. There were notable performances from Phil Asher, Dj Crookid and the live Pa of 'Circles' from Nathan Adams also Don E's performance of his track with Aaron Ross created a nice vibe inside, for a very good cause. A fitting end to a good weekend of house music.

Unfortunately i didn't take the old camera with me as I was forgetful due to lack of sleep!!

Right Im Knackered off to bed for me, excuse all spelling and grammar issues lol!!

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