Thursday, 3 June 2010

The End of The London Club Scene....? No Matter??

Well this has been going on for a while now and has hit us all hard in some way or another. First up we started losing venues like Herbal then recently we have Lost Plastic People & Matter, now Fabric has just gone into administration??? An the battle for Ministry of Sound is still underway......

Well after the rumours were confirmed today about Fabric, I just sat and thought to myself, is this the end for us in London as a clubbing Mecca for the UK. I mean our clubs are known worldwide, you can go to the furthest regions of the world and Im sure someone will know Fabric, Matter or Ministry.

So ok, we would be losing our trademarks but on the other hand there still are thousands of other clubs/parties going on that we have been going to for years, I know its not the same and definitely not the same in terms of capacity but I don't think its game over.

If you look at it from this perspective (Im an artist) now over the years the internet has had its advantages and disadvantages. With myspace and soundcloud you can be heard by a new audience and maybe get a deal? but with filesharing you can be illegally downloaded, now filesharing is a whole different ball game dont get me started!! But playing devils advocate there could be a plus side of filesharing, certain artist that people wouldnt buy or take time to hear, their music maybe downloaded on a whim and off the back of that the consumer would go to their concert/gig or by their next album, hence the money still comes in?? JUST TO BE CLEAR I DO NOT ENDORSE THIS IN ANYWAY, SAY NO TO FILESHARING, SUPPORT ARTISTS, WE GOTTA EAT TOO. Now the long winded reason for the above paragraph is, in some ways something good can always come from a bad situation so long as you look for a positive.

On this blog i try and promote good nights, for you to go to on over the weekend and you know what?? Alot of them are small nights, where the vibe is better the people are good and most important, the MUSIC TUMPS etc etc Take restless souls nights, Deep Cover, House Dance or Tribe...

I dont know everything and Im sure you guys have big views, SO FEEL FREE TO COMMENT BENEATH OR IN THE COMMENT BOX SECTION, I would love to know your views and interact...

Peace an Blessins

At One

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