Monday, 28 June 2010

Review of restless soul @ East Village, 26th June

As usual, I pitch up around 11:30 and the upstairs bar was busy but not really booming and downstairs was pretty sparse. At this point, Luke McCarty was playing a nice warm up vibe, within about 10-15 mins the room was filling out as Luke was progressing through his mix.

Now In true restless fashion Luke was playing vintage & prototype house music with a crisp selection and mixes to boot, the crowd thoroughly enjoyed this part of their journey. An were well and truly warm for Sean McCabe.

I have to say big shouts to Luke I thought what he played was class.

Just before Sean there was an amazing live P.A. from Selina Campbell who has a truly amazing voice, she really got everyone hyped up (check the video of the whole thing below).

Sean Stepped up to play and really upped the tempo, he played a solid set with a good selection of house music right through to some disco edits and back. He kept the crowd bubbling through to the wee hours, when Phil came on an really hyped everything up but unfortunately the venue closed the party off early. But as you can see that turning the lights on didn't stop people from dancing at 3:30am.

Big up the restless crew as always a good solid party, looking forward to the next one.

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