Saturday, 27 February 2010

A Little Bit Different Today.....

Today i'm feeling a little bit different, so i'm gonna start you off with some free downloads, not house music but very good stuff........

Free downloads by Gui Boratto / HFB / Talvin Singh / Royksopp

Downloads from

Remix Competition with Bonobo

Also I stumbled across this remix comp, now for those of you who don't know who Bonobo i first stumbled across his works when watching a series called 'Jpod' to which Bonobo wrote the theme music..... I think once you here it you will understand why I still look out for his works......
Remix Competition

Bonobo-Flutter by padfootloves

Peace & Blessins


  1. thanks for this free download!!!!
    can i invite you to check my blog?
    today's update:
    my latest song up for free download!
    let you friends know!