Monday, 15 February 2010

Mash up Monday...

Ok so im tired an im a bit mashed from the weekend but i'm here better late than never.........lolol

Ok so abit of a hot tip for you guys a good radio show you should be locking onto is Gavin Peters on Bang Fm, as he has alot of high profile guests swinging by the studio, week in week out.

This week catch Phil Asher with Gavin Peters this wednesday 17th Feb 10pm till 12 on bangradio 103.6 for more info check out Bang Radio For live chat & any Questions contact us at the Studio tel: 020 896 39566 email: or Text 88882 for more info on this Go into and click news.

Also you should be locking into:

Sy Sez Podcasts

Danny Native

This list is endless to be fair but i am running out the door so........

Ciao for now...

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