Saturday, 20 February 2010

Something to Refresh With..

Tired of hear the same old, same old??? Broken beat just not breaking it down??? Well look no further; i have the cure and its Danny Native, long time veteran of this music game who is now just receiving the acclaim that should have been awarded years ago. The mind of an Altered Native must be complex, clever and crazy at the same time to attain some of the most groundbreaking production... Now I have heard some of the 2010 projects and wooooooiiiii, there are some serious treats for your ears let me tell you.

But before i get to the free mix etc lets just look at a new piece forth coming on Fresh Minute Music, where Danny has teamed up with the vocal talent of Sacha Williamson who has worked with the likes of Kaje, Martino, Gene King etc. Below you can hear Dannys mix, also the remix package aint to shabby either with Zed Bias & the AphroDisiax lending a hand to make this a super-charged package.

Check out Dannys Show on Vu Live Thursday 8-10pm
Also check the Altered Natives Myspace an that is something you need to know (no pun)!!

Altered Natives Feat Sacha Williamson - Believe in Me (Original) by Souled

The Fact Magazine Interview & Mix
Content sourced from Fact Magazine

The full interview can be found by Clicking Here Trust me its a must read, even if you only read the last paragraph lol : )

Download: FACT mix 125 – Altered Natives
(Available for three weeks)

Galactic – Altered Natives
Chicago Days – Justin Stride
No Compromise – Black & Spanish
Streets of Africa ft Akatriel – Funk Butcher
High Definition – MA1
Mind! – Shane Blitz
Natty – DVA
Gutter – Smooth Kriminal
Amazon’s Night – Mister Bee
To the Leff (instrumental) – Zed Bias
The Ridda – Funksta
Distances – Altered Natives
Fuck your Couch – Altered Natives
Rhaaatid Einstein – Altered Natives
God Made Me – Altered Natives
In My House – Altered Natives
Out of Existence – Altered Natives

Have a wicked weekend guys & gals, stay blessed......

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