Monday, 1 February 2010

MUAK @ EGG Brief Review

Ok so i was in Egg on Saturday it was full to the rafters with a good mixture of people by the time I cropped up at around 1:30. Now as you have seen previously i'm not that great with the snaps hence i only took a few lol, so don't be upset, i'm busy chatting and having a good time lolol!!!

Anyways so i roll up and who do i meet coming in none other than Osunlade himself so after a brief chat, i shoot a quick snap of him (pictured below). Anyways i walk in to the first room aka the garden (i think) and was very unimpressed by the sound system i have to say, i know its supposed to be a chillout area but a lil more sound please!! The groove in there was perfect in there though all night.

After that i didn't do much room surfing like i normally do, i stayed in the basement for the next couple of hours caught the end of Soulogic's set which really started to get the crowd going and waited for Osunlade & Ron Trent, much to my disappointment Ron was a no show!!

So Onsulade rocks up an gets the crowd going with a few bangers then played one of my fave edits (Dennis Ferrer vs Peppe Bradshaw), he kept the momentum going with deep, soulful and afrocentric/tribal beats, as the night progressed getting slightly more techy and deep, holding a groove really well. If i had to point out a negative, it would be that he played to much known crowd pleasing music & i would have expected a few more unknowns that make you wonder why you don't have them in your life!

After about an hour and a half i wondered upstairs to see Charles Webster (pictured above) who was banging out deep house all day long, the kind you haven't heard b4 and are intrigued by, i really started getting into his set in a big way and noticed he walked off (probably to go to toilet, i dunno) no sooner had he gone the music just stopped dead lol!! probably just a cdj thing, which is a horrible thing to have happen, i know from personal experience as most Dj's do.

Unfortunately that insident with Charles/my cohort playing lead me back down stairs to take in the sound of Matt Bandy (pictured below) a talented Dj/producer, who knocked out some serious tunes to groove to including his own work in the mix of it all, a very nice house journey insued which had a sit down crowd standing up for a boogie, congrats on a good job, jobbed.

Now to my suprise when i re-entered the main room Osunlade was still banging out grooves, by this point his journey was somewhere deep in the afro/tribal land of South Africa, all in all from what i heard and saw of Osunlade, Egg/promoters definitely got there moneys worth because Osunlade was pumping all night. After he had finished i stayed to see Kellilicious who knocked out some nice grooves, by which point it was 6am and unlike me i was starting to get tired (must be getting old)!!

So i rounded off what was a well worth while evening/morning, with a few goodbyes and wandered off home. I'm now trying to pre-empt the next line up!! Will Ron be on there who knows lolololol.

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