Thursday, 11 February 2010

Dj T Mixing Fabric 51.......

Fabric 51 has been revealed to the world in tracklist form, now i'm not the greatest fan of the fabric comps but I have enjoyed a few of them; fabric 43 - Metro Area (November 2008), fabric 46 - Claude Von Stroke (May 2009), fabric 50 - Martyn (January 2010) & FabricLive.38 - DJ Craze (February 2008) FabricLive.39 - DJ Yoda (April 2008) to name a few.

Anyways so Fabric have announced that Dj T (German DJ/Producer) is mixing there new Fabric 50 Compilation and have released the tracklist.

DJ T aka Thomas Koch, who is the founder of Groove magazine, who has been Dj'ing since 1989 a true vet, is a perfect pick for a Fabric mix cd. This mix looks serious from the tracklisting , i am a fan of Koch's work so i am hoping this mix will reflect his style of production.

Fabric 51: DJ T. comes out March 22.

01. dOP - Wiper Law
02. Michael J Collins - I Just Wanna Be Your Disco Bitch
03. 10lec6 - Drown Dogs Holidays
04. Stuffa A Million Secrets (Salax Peep Show Remix)
05. Madioko N Rafika - Ellelli (Kalabrese Remix)
06. Danton Eeprom - Give Me Pain
07. Matias Aguayo Ft. Lerato - Pata Pata
08. Ben Mono - Jesus Was A B-Boy (TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos Remix)
09. Will Saul & Tam Cooper Ft. Ursula Rucker - Where Is It (Will Saul & Tam Cooper’s Reloved Dub Mix)
10. Dave DK & Holger Zilske Feat. Richard Davis
11. III & Azari - Hungry For The Power
12. Wigald Boning - Kobra Dance - Compost
13. Soulphiction - The Royal Pennekaums (Chocolettes Nervous Mix)
14. Le Roif Ft. Roland Clarrk - I Get Deep
15. DJ T. - Try To Understand - Kindisch
16. DJ Mujava - Township Funk (Crazy P Mix)
17. Good Guy Mikesh - Milk & Honey (Basket Mix)
18. Bodycode - Immune
19. Random Factor - Broken Mirror
20. WhoMadeWho - Keep Me In My Plane (DJ Koze Hudson River Dub)

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