Monday, 8 February 2010

DJ's this ones you........!

Ok i have never really caught on to this Traktor/Serato business, i guess it was a big enough move for me to be playing on cd's instead of vinyl and that was something i said i would never do!!!! Anyways so as usual i was on my journey through the web and came across this competition for the latest piece of Traktor software, which basically is meant to ease/aid the use of programs such as Traktor Scratch & Serato, now i think this is just another tool in the machine of eventually eliminating the dj but hey thats just me!.

Heres the blurb and competition, good luck...........

RA and Native Instruments have teamed up to give away three Traktor Kontrol X1 MIDI controllers.

While digital DJing has been becoming an easier, compact and more affordable solution to playing electronic music over the past few years, there still remains the problem of picking the software bundle and MIDI controller that works best. Most controllers are made by third-party manfacturers, but Native Instruments have now created their own special piece of hardware that is designed specifically for use with their Traktor DJing software. It can still be used with other programmes, including Serato, as a standard MIDI interface, but can be used out of the box with Traktor, making it quick and easy to use for DJs that aren't that technologically savvy.

With dedicated controls for each of the two virtual turntables as well as four sets of effect controls, this slick addon controller also can be used for convenient track browsing and loading plus a whole aresenal of creative features like hotcueing and looping - to create edits and remixes on the fly. To check out how it works, have a look at Traktor's MySpace. The retail version of the controller even comes with a copy of Traktor LE, so you can get going as soon as you get it home. We're giving away three copies of the Traktor Kontrol X1controller, with the two runners-up also getting a copy of the 2-deck Traktor Duo software, while the grand prize winner will instead get the higher-end 4-deck Traktor Pro programme.

Traktor Competition Page

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