Monday, 1 March 2010

Pot Kettle Black & Restless Soul Reviews

Wow what a stomper of a weekend, I only hit up two parties in the end but they were both stonkers..... Serious house music as you would expect. Ok i decided to shoot some videos as well as taking pics, it didn't go to well but hey you get the idea!!!

Pot Kettle Black & Wolf Music presents @ The Castle

Ok so I was a bit biased with this one I turned up to see Souled @ 2am who killed the place, the Fresh Minute lable duo where running tune after tune, even hitting us with disco edits. Biggups to the Souled Gang absolutely killed it. Thats enough said really. More info on Souled HERE

Restless Soul @ East Village

Ok where to start, I pitch up at around 11:55pm, theres a massive queue outside with a wicked mix of people, I'm thinking its gonna be a good one (& as usual it was). Now I dont know haow many Restless Soul parties you go to but i try to hit them all up cause Phil and the gang, know how to throw a party!!

Anyways I walk in and upstairs Danny Native is throwing down some tuff Disco Edits, not Danny's usual style but he was rocking the crowd in the warm up to what was to come..!! Some deep, dark, broken beat. Playing alongside Danny upstairs was Dominic Jacobson, whos vinyl collection I have to say is killer, another true selecta....

Danny & Dom Kept the upstairs of East Village Thumping all night long with some serious tuneage. Well done you guys.

So I walk downstairs and Jose Carretas is pumping, "Romanthony 'let me show you love'", serious oldskool pressure!! i was slightly pissed that i missed the whole of his set but from what i can tell, Jose was throwing it down as per usual!!

So the man that a lot of people came to see, Fabio Genito. What can I say, the man can throw a tune, he had the club bouncing for the best part of 3 hours, from deep to tribal to disco to nu kool, Fabio was churning them out.

Finally Phil came on to round up the evening with some classic house to make the crowd go crazy showing peops that "thats the way love is". As Always a Restless Soul party that rocked the house..... Biggups to the gang.

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