Monday, 29 March 2010

Review of Simply Salacious @ Babalou, Sat 27th

Ok so this week I turn up late once again but in fairness its not my fault!! I was waiting on my ride no names mentioned Sy.... :-) So I missed Carlos Florez's warm up set but i'm sure it went down a treat.

As i walk in i am greeted by the sound of an amazing vocalist who I have the pleasure of working with Miss Sabrina Chyld, who was performing her new single with the talented soulful house producer Jose Carretas. Jose of course known for being the remixing champion of the soulful house world in 2009 and having some killer original of his own Check Jose out on Traxsource.

Its always a pleasure to see/hear Jose mixing as you know what your gonna get, good house music, pure and unadulterated. Jose laid down some killer trax and had me going nuts and at one point I just couldnt believe I was hearing tune after tune!!

The highlight of Jose set other than hearing Sabrina perfom alongside him(who did amazingly well I must say), was hearing Kenny Carvajal feat. Swaylo
You Remind Me, absolutely amazing tune big up Jose on that. Jose played a wicked all round set, keeping everyone on there toes. Definately a man you should be checking at Southport.

Next up we had Sy Sez, who came in fresh from playing for Soul Heaven in Italy. Sy came in immediately looking to take it up a notch laying dow some serious trax, playing through old and new, Sy even put in a few old disco edits which really hyped up the crowd. Below is a little video but its poor lighting so my apologies.

Then we had the man of the hour 'birthday boy' Peter Borg who was a big let down!! Not in his music, he played classics and really worked the crowd but he let alot of us down who were expecting him to turn up in a Peter Pan outfit!! Giant flop Pete.

All jokes aside I had good fun, defintely worth the trip, so big up the guys on that, seems like we are getting a few more parties in South London!! The rise of soulful/deep house in south lolololololol....


  1. good review. I was in attendance and I must say it was a heavy night, every dj played a banging set but i espesh enjoyed jose's and sy's.

    ps. I like this blog :)