Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Radio, Ananne & Inspiration Information (Restless Soul) Reviews


So Thursday (11th), I covered the Altered Natives radio show on De Ja Vu FM, the show went well and I really enjoyed it, BIGGUP to Danny Native.

At One presents The Altered Natives Radio Show - 11 March 2010

After I finished my cover show I went up to see Sy Sez @ Colourful Radio and as per usual Sy had a guest on his show and I was amazed to see it was Karizma, I only caught the end of the show but I have listened back to the whole thing and it was wicked. Karizma spoke on some interesting topics and gave the listners some exclusives to hear and some insider knowledge etc. Also in the Studio where the likes of Neil Pierce, Tayo Maronie and Dan Fletcher.

Make sure you check out the show on Sy Sez Podcasts (scrol to the show on the 11/3/2010.

Ananne Vega @ Ministry

After that we went to Ministry mob handed to check out the Ananne Album launch party with Louie Vega, Norman Jay, Gilles Peterson. I have to say with a line up like that you expect the party to be strong but I was sadly disappointed!! I thought that none of the sets were particularly strong at all and that Anannes performance was quite weak, also the turn out for the party was quite weak also.

On saturday before i went to east village I was up at Uk Flow Tv with Sy on his guest spot with Jungle on the Good music show, i streamed some live footage.

Inspiration Information with Floating Points @ East Village

Now this is party that gets and I think will always get my 100% seal of approval, Phil Asher the mixing machine and legend from Restless Soul always heats up the party with killer sets an original selecta (say no more).

Now the guest appearances where what took me by surprise, now I have been following Floating Points for a minute but wasn't expecting such a wicked performance from him Dj wise, to which he retorted "that wasn't the best set from me". Playing party classics, soul, rare groove, neo-soul and lo-fi, Floating Points killed em dead!! So big applause on that......

Also another guest Dj who took me by surprise was Frank Jensen, who was building and working the vibe all night long in the upstairs bar, getting people going non-stop. I havent seen the upstairs bar like that before, it was crazy there was so much good music. Unfortunately its not live audio but it is the mix for the event so you can get a feel of what Franks about.

FRANK JENSEN - SOULPARLOR - "What i am feelin at the mo" Exclusive MIX For Inspiration Information by restless soul

All in all another smasher of a party from Phlash.

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