Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Time To Review Some Miami Music

So its that week of the year where everyone says there tune is a Miami hit!!! (But the truth is its not). So I am here to tell you what I think should come out of Miami championed with this tittle and its not just one thing, oh no no no (said in a Churchill dog fashion).

Phil Asher Feat. SPRY - TEXTYA (Chachalekpafun)

Textya is part of a series of trax with Phlash & Spry, now unfortunately me being encapsulated with Phils "Blak'n'Spanish" release with Afronaught, I managed to over look certain elements on this one until this saturday just gone at Deep Cover, when Phil dropped the Afrotech version which immediately caught my attention. In my defence I did know already as you can see from earlier in the blog (click here) but sometimes you miss how deep something really goes, so apologies to Phil on that. Personal picks are the Club mix and Congo Afrotech mix both no brainers, working everywhere.

Moving on track by track........

1) Club Mix (8:54) - Is rife with elements and textures that you notice the more you listen, a deep soulful journey that takes you where you need to be. With Excellent drums & percussion and music to keep you chugging. When you hear that bass lead, You know what time it is!!
Phil Asher Feat SPRY - TEXTYA (Chachalekpafun) by restless soul

2) Natural Mix (7:50) - is a stripped down version of club mixed aimed at your love for deepness.

3) Lost Heroes Revision (Congo Afrotech Version 1) (9:49) - Heres the part I over looked these mixes by lost heroes are dope, taking you back to your ancestral roots with hard beats, bass and chants like no other.

4) Lost Heroes Revision (Congo Minimal Version) (8:14) - Stripped down and beaty.

5) Lost Heroes Revision (Deeper Version 2) (10:03) - This edit is crazy techy, it just makes u wanna groove.

The Lost Heroes Edits are remixed by Christian Pronovost for Lost Heroes Out Of Montreal. Which takes this to another level with the help of the Amazing vocal Talent of Mabika. This is a package of niceness wrapped up in a ball Restless Soul.

Lastly I jus have to say GO AND BUY IT QUICK, this is real heat........
Phil Asher Feat. SPRY - TEXTYA (Chachalekpafun) - Traxsource.com - the best House Music WAV and MP3 downloads

Also you should be watching out for these forthcoming release on Restless Soul which I have been lucky enough to have been kept in the loop for.....

BAH SAMBA - Reach Inside (Sean McCabe Mixes) - Bah Samba and restless soul have the pleasure of exclusively releasing a Bah Samba Classic. Rising star Sean McCabe remixes Reach Inside with great intensity - adding guitar and saxophone he gives us his interpretation of the underground anthem. Loving this one a very nice re-work on the original pure soulful house.

AC LAYNE - Addicted feat Selina Campbell - A C Layne's stunning debut on restless soul has two vocal and instrumental cuts. Both Deep House, and both designed to blow your mind across the dance floor.
Addicted features the Sublime Vocals of Selina Campbell, who delivers a stunning sultry performance. Let's Go is a homage-style mix with a modern Slant, not too dissimilar from some of restless soul's Deep House favourites from the 80's/90's with A C Layne certainly coming on strong. Killa vocal on this with a gourmet soulful house sound, total support on this.
A.C. Layne - Addicted / Lets Go - Traxsource.com - the best House Music WAV and MP3 downloads

Karizma ft Monique Bingham - Good Morning EP (Incl. Osunlade & Atjazz Mixes)

This Package is also the real deal, now if you copped "Karizma - A Mind Of Its Own V2.0" you would know this is beautiful music, Karizma teams up with Monique Bingham my favourite house music vocalist of all time, anything she touches is gold, and I would love to work with her.

Anyway this package is full of dope remixes, of 'good morning' and 'Groove A 'K' Ordingly'. I think you will find yourself in love with tho vocal on 'good morning' and although I like both mixes alot I'm playing the Karizma mix out fo'sure. An Groove Da Dub for me kills it.

1) Good Morning feat. Monique Bingham (Yoruba Soul Mix) (4:33) - If you listen to Osunlades radio show you know what your getting here, a dope mix filled with soul and emotion with great strings & keys.

2) Good Morning feat. Monique Bingham (Kaytronik Remix) (6:14) - Do I really need to say anything? dope track, dope vocal, solid all round. Just what it needs to touch dancefloors all over.

3) Groove A 'K' Ordingly (Atjazz Remix) (7:38) - At Jazz is jus churnin' 'em out, If you follow my blog you should know this, hes always on U-stream remixing.

4) Groove A 'K' Ordingly (Deep Order Dub) (6:13) - For me this is how you add emotion to a hard track, nuff said.

5) Groove Da Dub (Karizma Dub) (5:22) - This dub is set to just get you in hype mode a wicked edit on the original.

Karizma - Good Morning EP (Incl. Osunlade & Atjazz Mixes) - Traxsource.com - the best House Music WAV and MP3 downloads

Unfortunately as much I would love to I cant sit and write reviews all day I can't so, I will give you direct links to traxsource to go Cop 'all this MIAMI HEAT

Bopstar feat Baby Sol - Material Thing (Incl. Aaron Ross & Zed Bias Mixes) - Traxsource.com - the best House Music WAV and MP3 downloads

AphroDisiax feat Coree Richards - Outta Time - Traxsource.com - the best House Music WAV and MP3 downloads

Toni Guerlin - Su Cuerpo / La Priere / Ball and Chain - Traxsource.com - the best House Music WAV and MP3 downloads

Vinyl only till 1st of April on this one (hence a couple links)
ALTERED NATIVES, Believe In Me - Boomkat
ALTERED NATIVES, Believe In Me - BlackMarket
ALTERED NATIVES, Believe In Me - Chemical Records

Angel-A & Doc Link - Lifts Me Higher (Incl. Jon Cutler, Jose Carretas & Demarkus Lewis) - Traxsource.com - the best House Music WAV and MP3 downloads

Atjazz & Mark de Clive-Lowe - Sweat No Sleep by atjazz

There is so much I actually dont have time to go through it all, please make sure you dig deep!!!!

Peace an Blessins

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