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Motor City Drum Ensemble On 2013

2012 wasn’t really his year, to say the least. But with an Utrecht-based love nest together with his girl, a few less gigs, frequent visits to the swimming pool and an album on the way, we trust that 2013 will treat Motor City Drum Ensemble a lot better.

How was 2012 for you?

‘I had a hard year... In January I had a big burnout and I couldn’t do shows for almost 6 months. Before that I travelled 4 years straight every weekend and it was getting too much for me. I could sense that something wasn’t right already at the end of 2011, but I couldn’t really put my finger on it. I thought ‘I am young, I can do many shows’. But I reached my limit and when I noticed that, it was already too late. It was an experience I don’t wish on anybody. Because of the burnout I really had to reinvent myself and my whole approach on the job. Some people might be able to do 3 shows a weekend, but I now know I’m not. Everyone is different. But because I don’t do many shows, I’m naturally more excited about the shows that I do!’

Was there a specific gig in 2012 that was very memorable for you?

‘The first gig abroad after the burnout was at the SuncéBeat festival in Croatia. I stayed there for five days and had a super nice summer. The beach, the sea, nice people. When I had the burnout I was really doubting if my lifestyle was something that I wanted to continue doing. But when I was there it struck me in the heart as being so beautiful, that I was reassured that this is where I belong.’

Do you make new year’s resolutions?

‘Normally I don’t, but this year I really wanna stick to the swimming plan that I made. I’ve already started, but next year I wanna even increase it and go to the pool at least 3 or 4 times a week. Swim a kilometer a day, clear my head. Then I come back to the studio really refreshed. I also like the sounds at the swimming pool, the typical sounds of that big hall where you have all the little kids screaming. There’s always a funny atmosphere.
And also I want to finish my album. But I don’t want to rush it, because it needs to be super good. There’s a new single out in January, the Send a Prayer EP, with 4 new tracks that probably won’t end up on the album. These tracks are very danceable and good to play out, while the album is gonna be more of an at home thing. To be able to focus on the album I will do less remixes, but for example I did one for Bicep.’

I heard you don’t like getting older.

‘I had this discussion with Tom Trago in Paris a few weeks ago. We both agree that we want to turn younger again and not older. The magic 30 is coming very very fast.’

But what’s the problem? You get older you get wiser, right?

‘I had those crazy years when I would just travel and not think too much about stuff but just do it. And now getting wiser, I do things more consciously and I think way more about how I approach my music. Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t think about it so much again, but at the same time it’s good. It’s two sides of a medal. With my music I found that once I start thinking too much about it, it kind of loses the magic. I need to be impulsive with my music and at the same time I need to be very cautious when it come to my lifestyle. That’s the twist here.’

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