Thursday, 24 January 2013

Moog unleash the Sub Phatty

Moog have revealed details of their latest analogue synth, the Sub Phatty.

The portable synth will feature Moog's new Multidrive section, which the company says will add "warmth and girth" to its sound range. It boasts a new sub-oscillator that can serve alongside two "highly accurate" oscillators that require little in the way of warm-up time.

The Sub Phatty is the latest sibling in a family that already includes the Slim Phatty, which is itself a trimmed-down version of the Little Phatty. To help launch the Sub Phatty, Moog called on Brainfeeder chief Flying Lotus to craft a track using it as the primary instrument. They used the resulting track, "Such a Square," on an animated promotional video directed by Adam "lilfuchs" Fuchs, which you can view below (viaPitchfork). For a further idea of what to expect from the synth check out this teaser video.

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