Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Stimming Interview

Production connoisseur and guru, Martin Stimming brings a unique and original sound to House music. Seriously talented and unwaveringly innovative with his field recordings, Stimming play a different ball game to many producers. He talked to us about the London K scene, some beautiful advice his Mum gave him and his preferred superpower.

You are what many people think of as a producer with a truly innovative, original sound. Would you say it’s getting harder to produce a unique sound in dance music?
Thank you for the compliment! From a producer point of view it’s kind of more easy, because one important thing you can do is not use all the same machines as all the others. Or at least find some specific tools that stand out; there are a lot affordable ones.
What is your earliest musical memory?
My father singing me into sleep.
You churn out a lot of top quality productions, how do you find the time? Are you a perfectionist with everything you do?
I’m not so much of an perfectionist actually… My mother told me once it doesn’t make sense to reach 100% because the time you need for the last percentage is disproportionately higher as the first 80-90%. So what I always try to reach is about 95 because I know that experience will help me getting better in a whole.
What inspires you?
What advice would you give to budding young producers? You went to the School of Audio Engineering; would you recommend similar courses to people who really want to produce?
Ah yeah the advice question… ahm, it sounds so cheesy but its true: you have to believe in what you´re doing. Which basically means that you have to reflect yourself and the products you create and be honest about the capability you´re able to produce. Anyway – one problem in the modern computer world is that theoretically you have all possibilities imaginable which can be (and I know for myself) very frustrating when it seems not to work. So – being able to use and control them is the challenge you´re facing and if you´re believing in success then go for it!! If not – leave it.
Tell us about releases like your remixes of Pool ‘Don’t Call My Name’ and Cockney Lama ‘losing like a man’, how important would you say are vocals are in changing the tone of a track? 
Well, vocals are always something everyone recognizes and also everyone has an opinion on them! It’s simply because our brain is trained to it that much. It’s a lot easier to transport some kind of message when you have a spoken or sung word in it – once you have vocals in it, they reign over everything else, which might be good or bad. ;)

What does 2012 hold for you and Diynamic?
I´m in progress for my third album! Which means that I have a lot to do the next months but I´m looking forward and hope to be able to release it on Diynamic around October/November. Yeah!
Finally, if you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Oh I love that question!! – After a couple of minutes thinking I realized that every superpower is two-edged. My wish was to be able to mentally influence other peoples decisions and therefore to sit at the UNO negotiation-table to stop hunger and stuff. But I´m not sure if I´m able to resist the temptation…

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