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Atjazz & Jullian Gomes - Overshadowed Reviewed.

So now you've heard the original.... Take a moment to ask yourself what stood out? An the reason I say this is because....  No two people will hear the same thing, in that sense we all interpret records differently!

First off let me be the one to tell you the tracklist:

Atjazz & Jullian Gomes - Overshadowed (ARC - 38)

1.) Overshadowed - Atjazz & Jullian Gomes 
2.) Overshadowed - Atjazz & Jullian Gomes  (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Dub)
3.) Overshadowed - Atjazz & Jullian Gomes  (Jullian Gomes Perspective)


Yes that's right..... I can assure you that you will be receiving one of the best vinyls I have heard in a while (No Bullshit) this is a hot joint. It's hard to review tracks for me as I see sound and that effects in turn how I feel and interpret a record but here goes anyway. Usually with records I would see landscapes, different forms of impacts, various colours and or stories. Yeah you guessed it, with this record I see a short story. (It's possibly best to have the original track on in the background as you read this first review)

Track by track, whats the crack?

1.) Overshadowed - Atjazz & Jullian Gomes

First point to make is the kick drum just screams at you with a ferocious force that will drive deep in the heart of any clubs sound system, I would liken it visually to the moment when chubby rain impacts on a puddle. Immediately as the kick is thrust in you are hearing these haunting yet melodic keys, which has all the eeriness of your average haunted house but makes you feel more mellow than a 1970's hippy. 

So now picture this groove building with some well mixed tape noise in the background and now you have the point in the visual story in-which the young girl is looking out the window, as the rain beats down on the windowsill she puts her hand to the window and a single tear falls down her face. (At this point your unsure whether this is a review, a badly written script or if im crazy...... Answer is probably the later)

Moving on.... You remember you have the constant chant of the clav, driving the groove and a minute in the track breaks into a deep dark and dubby groove that has a consuming presence, which is quickly followed up by a deep driving bassline that makes the hairs on your neck raise, so close your eyes and we can really do some work on the dancefloor here!!!! You have the claps and snares flowing throughout the mix with the enchanting keys building and building. At this point you notice that the girl at the window has seen a ghostly figure motioning up the garden path toward her, the tension is building and the arrival of this ghost is imminent. Then you realise the girl at the window is not scared or sad, it's someone special coming home and the hi-hats are motioning waves of excitement and the changing hi-hats are expressing beaconing the need to hurry inside as they build. All the while the haunting chants are just echoes of memories this girl has of that special someone, it all becomes clear. (At One has lost the plot!)

As the track brakes for an aptly timed interval the door to the house is blown open by the wind and the girl turns from the windowsill to face her door slightly ajar. Everything calms slowly as the anticipation for the impending crescendo of sound and that special some one to re-enter as the girl peers toward the door. At this point the crescendo comes and the track comes back in just as it stopped, not what you expected right? Neither did the girl, the chants an dubby beats continue to drive you through. The girl smiles, just as i suspect you will and she embraces the thought that....... The special someone was never going to come through the door or inside, it was just to let her know she was being watched over, cared for, loved still from a distance. Overshadowed......

Quick note: I just wrote this with the track on a loop, the story ends abruptly for me but how will you perceive the track? How will you hear it? What will you hear? How will you feel? (this was wednesday night 11pm, after having missed the apprentice). I know one thing though...... Tomorrow I will probably see something totally diferent...

For the next two tracks, there will be no story thats the joy in buying the record.....

2.) Overshadowed - Atjazz & Jullian Gomes  (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Dub) 

This is typical Atjazz fuckeries, he takes a track and puts into a completely different zone!! With a dope deep soulful house work out of dubby beats, percussion and a serious musical journey. Opening up with a notable almost reverse melody and progressing with some dope additions to the track musically including the faintest guitar or maybe even harp riff in the background. Now you know when Atjazz does Astro remixes he means business.... yeah well, a Galaxy remix tells the Astro where to go..... please believe. 

Even down to the reverse chimes everything is where it should be, the vocal samples are executed to perfection, the layers of keys upon keys are worked well and the end product is a force to be reckoned with. All in all a dope work out and fitting dedication. 

3.) Overshadowed - Atjazz & Jullian Gomes  (Jullian Gomes Perspective)

Yeah yeah Mr Gomes, we know you got the juice. This 'perspective' is a straight four to the floor killer, deep, moody, dub groove. You have this almost minimal version of the track with a deep dark bassline driving the whole way through, with crazy background noises, synths and fx being positioned in & along the way, as well as the original key riff. Until you come the break when we almost fade to black and this deep dark chugging bassline comes right back in with the drums, hitting you with nothing but solid building grooves as the track builds back into the motion. For me this track really kicks at this break and does a wonderful job of making you screw up your face! With samples and sounds being positioned to perfection to kill you with ambience.  Mr. Gomes definitely brings that late night heat.

For me this package is a solid (9/10) and just all round niceness.....

For all you vinyl junkies Overshadowed will be out on 22nd May, no digital option is available as yet.


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  1. I feelt the tune and lisnd 2 the main point of the whole tune .i love it