Thursday, 28 April 2011

Soul Clap Vs Wolf & Lamb + Free Tracks

Soul Clap have jumped into the spotlight of the house music community in recent years – a name eponymous with a slower tempo sexy vibe that has crept into the clubs, the charts and top house labels labels with stunning execution of sound. They made their way into playlists worldwide with remixes of Fleetwood Mac and Jamie Foxx but then slipped their own blends into the mix more recently with original (and unique) tracks like “Lonely C.” Eli (Elyte) Goldstein Charles (Cnyce) Levine certainly understand the music – they have been honing their craft at clubs and parties for over a decade while living in Boston, MA. But they also seem to have their finger on the pulse of the market and have quickly become one of the biggest sensations to hit the world circuit of DJ/Producers in the past year, with releases on Wolf + Lamb, Airdrop and Crosstown Rebels. Those releases helped Eli and Charlie find their way into the biggest sound systems around the globe – playing Fabric, The Marcy Hotel and Watergate in 2010. Next came two dj mixes that were released last month: first a DJ Kicks mixwith Wolf + Lamb that is getting high marks from the journalists. Then came “Social Experiments 002,” a party-centric mix for Toronto tastemaker Johnny White’s No.19 label.

While they’ve become very successful at their craft they also bring a down-to-earth (we’re in it for the music and you are too) vibe. And you immediately get the impression that they take this thing seriously – it’s a job (albeit one of the coolest jobs you can have.) I was interested in hearing about how they got this movement going and what sorts of work it takes to get to the world circuit of dance music.


Latest tracks by Soul Clap

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