Monday, 25 April 2011

Free Jill Sott Remixes From Jay-J

The guys over @ 5 Magazine spotted this....

/As an interviewer, you can only hope for a story this good. Ten years ago, Jay-J and Chris Lum (aka Your Friends From San Francisco) threw together a remix of Jill Scott's "He Loves Me".

This is the story of how a "teaching tool, not intended to be released" turned into a Grammy nominated remix.

The story goes like this. One late night at the studio, I was taking a break and chatting with a graphic artist friend of mine in the office next door. He always wanted to learn how to make music. So I decided to quickly show him how the concepts behind music making software are similar to those of photoshop. I took him into my studio and explained how a track in a music sequencer is like a 'layer'. The 'filters and effects' are like plug-in eq's, compressors and delays etc.
I grabbed a piece of audio from my hard drive, which just happened to be a cut from Jill Scott's debut album, and told him to think of it as an 'image'. Then I changed the tempo of the song, 'image resize'. Then I grabbed a drum beat to drop under the re-tempo'd original track and made it another 'layer'. He got the analogy and went back to work. I re-listened to the 'graphic design to music production' demo I created and thought to myself, this is actually kinda dope!"

There's more to the story, which you can read at Jay-J's site, Oh, and he's also giving away two new mixes of "He Loves Me": a new version with updated drum patterns (embedded below) and a new remix, "Jay-J's Spread The Powder Mix". Both can be downloaded on the spot.

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