Monday, 7 November 2011

RA.EX062 Deetron Interview

The three deck wizard from Switzerland steps up.

Switzerland has always been in the shadow of other countries when it comes to house and techno talent. But over the past decade names such as Ripperton, Agnes and Deetron have all become part of the electronic music firmament. The latter DJ/producer grew up in Bern in a musical family, yet it was genres like hip-hop and techno that his classically-inclined father disliked that first caught Deetron's ear. A devout Surgeon and Jeff Mills fan in his early years as a jock, Deetron has gotten increasingly more melodic over the years. He even collaborated with his father on a track at one point. It's less of a transformation than it is an evolution, however. Deetron's trademark three deck sets go as tough or as deep as you please, depending on the situation. Look no further than his recent Balance mix for proof. 

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