Monday, 14 November 2011

Derrick Carter: A Classic Revival

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Transcendental experiences at raves were a dime a dozen, but I actually had one in some ruined industrial shell of a warehouse back in 1994 without the aid of small pills with numbers stamped on them. It came when Derrick Carter (Facebooktwitter) played "When Doves Cry" over Plastikman's minimal "Spastik" and 2,000 teenagers simultaneously lost their minds.

Seventeen years later and Derrick Carter is one of House Music's icons. Few DJs in our era have earned their reputation one room at a time, one person as a time, simply as DJs. And he still rides without a seatbelt, with the same playful daring that exposed a room wild-eyed kids to Prince and a harsh bit of techno from Richie Hawtin. And while he does have a weighty discography and the pedigree as co-founder of Classic Music Company (the most interesting House Music label that ever existed), Derrick to me is still primarily a DJ. Book him for an event and you'll have no idea what he'll do... but you know people (teenagers or not) will leave having lost their damn minds.

(Article originally published by our friends over at 5 magazine>

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