Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Four Creative Techniques For Using Traktor & Ableton Together (Video)

This article was sourced from: djtechtools.com

The combination of Traktor and Ableton in a DJ setup is a toolkit that (for now) is unparalleled for performers looking for versatile software solutions. We’ve read plenty of tutorials on how to sync Traktor and Ableton, but where most of them stop at a simple how to, today’s video focuses on why. Learn how to use four solid techniques that combine the best of both worlds in the video inside, and download a free template to try it out yourself!


For simple reference, here are the four techniques we show off in today’s video:
Technique 1: Traktor plays a song while Ableton runs MIDI loops on a drum machine (which is manipulated live). In this example, Traktor audio is side-chaining to the drum machine, creating a tight mix.
Technique 2: Traktor provides a beat (this example is perfect for house) while Ableton runs a MIDI loop on a synthesizer (Operator is used in the video) that does live synthesis, side-chained to the Traktor beat.
Technique 3: Old school beat and scratching from Traktor, which does live side-chaining to the finger drumming in Ableton.
Technique 4: Straight-up scratch routine and finger drumming jam (no tracks, no loops, all live) while Traktor signal side-chains to the finger drumming.

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