Thursday, 2 August 2012

Turntable Fun: Can You Run Tune, By Dancing?

Every now and then we like to mix up the posts........ 

Here’s a way to change the relationship of dancer and deck: instead of the record “triggering” dancers, the dancers move the record.
In “Autistic Turntable,” movement from onlookers gradually moves the platter. The work debuted earlier this year in the Nósomosòn exhibition at Normal at the Universidade da Coruña, España.
It’s just one experiment in turntable re-engineering from artist, open source advocate, and electronic composer Servando Barreiro. In BInaer Platten, he modifies the mechanical turntable to instead read binary-encoded records with other audiovisual media. Seen at this year’s Transmediale 12, Servando’s work was some of the most practical to respond to the theme of obsolete technologies. Among the discs you can load are instructions for turntable hacking, modification, and – crucially, for discontinued gear – repair.

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