Monday, 20 August 2012

Back In Flight School Miguel Campbell Debut Album

Miguel Campbell will release his debut album, Back In Flight School, this October on Hot Creations. 

Campbell has been on the scene for years, DJing, making tracks (both under his own name and as part of the duo MAM) and running a label, but his career really took off in 2010 when Jamie Jones heard his track "Something Special" at the Miami Winter Music Conference. Jones released it the next year on Hot Creations, bringing Campbell into the fold of one of the year's biggest labels. His new LP works with the same ingredients that made that song a hit: house production, disco swagger and moments of unabashed pop crossover. It features guest production from Matt Hughes, Campbell's partner in MAM, plus vocals from a cast of Leeds artists (Becks Lott, Naroe, Olly Smith, Alex Mills and Ninjitsu). 

Back In Flight School will be the first full-length on Hot Creations. It will reportedly be followed by albums from Hot Natured (Jones' duo with fellow label head Lee Foss) and Foss solo, both due out in 2013. 

01. Flight School
02. Love Electric
03. Not That Kind of Girl
04. Into Your High
05. Rockin’ Beats
06. Boy
07. The Avenger
08. Something Special
09. Beams of Light
10. Life
11. In Motion
12. Night Mode
13. Dedicated Music
14. Sky Mode
15. Take Off

Hot Creations will release Back in Flight School on October 29th, 2012.

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