Monday, 12 September 2011

Video Interview: King Britt & Rucyl (Saturn Never Sleeps) @ Dubspot + Ableton Live Workshop Recap

On Friday, July 29 legendary Philadelphia-based producer, DJ, and remixer King Britt stopped by Dubspot with singer and collaborator Rucyl Mills for a music production and performance workshop with Ableton Live. The duo performs live and release music under the name Saturn Never Sleeps, and this video, they share insights into the recording process for their debut album Yesterday’s Machine, which is out now on their own SNS imprint. The bulk of the record was constructed in a live, improvised, one-take fashion, combining the duo’s intuitional musical sense. The two point to the work of avant-garde jazz revolutionary Sun-Ra as a major source of inspiration, drawing from his value in art’s of-the-moment process. Read more about King Britt’s history, as well as what Rucyl calls, “the Chakakhantroller,” a MIDI controller that she wears on her body, over on the Saturn Never Sleeps website.

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