Thursday, 15 September 2011

Thursday Tech: NI’s Komplete 8 Video Tutorial: Studio Drummer

Komplete has always had good options for sequencing acoustic drum parts, but this is the first acoustic drum instrument from NI that allows the user total control over every necessary aspect that a musician will need when making realistic, acoustic drum tracks. You are able to pick from over 3,500 drum grooves, simply dragging and dropping these grooves into your DAW arrangement as needed!
The real power of this instrument is the built-in mixer section, complete with EQs and Compressor modeled after one of the most famous mixing boards in the world. All of the drums are laid out on their own channels, each with an amazing signal chain just like you would have in a top notch recording studio. This program can either be incredibly easy for you to use, or you can go way in-depth, getting hands on with every channel, frequency, and dynamic possibility you could ever need.
For most people, it could easily be the only drum instrument needed for all of their acoustic drum programming. The fact that you get it inside of Komplete 8 or Komplete 8 Ultimate is even more exciting.

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