Thursday, 1 September 2011

Musaria Feat. Saturna - Moment (Atjazz Re-Fix) New Video

From the flurry of excitement surrounding the original ‘Atjazz Remix’ of this classic house song featuring the sultry vocals of ‘Saturna’ we bring to the table a brand new set of beat ridden floor fillers, in the form of ‘Moment (Atjazz Re-Fixes)’. Although the term ‘Re-Fix’ may hint that there was something broken with the original remix, this is not the case. Martin ‘Atjazz’ has once again spun the deep house world around on the spot and has ripped things up even more with these stunning house bouncers.

Following the original arrangement, the ‘Re-Fix’ explores a more experimental rhythm, starting things off with it’s usual Kick & Click this song helps you to feel at home and then it all bumps in with newly formed afro-tech drums that drive this new ‘Re-Fix’ forwards with nothing holding back its development, If you like house music of any style, we’re sure you’re going get your head around this one.

Mr. Atjazz has also delivered one of his trademark ‘Astro Remixes’, one for the heads you might think, but these astro workouts are fast becoming a trendy piece of dance-floor art to have as a constant in the old CD Pouch. Broken beat is more than alive and kicking here and this particular recording boasts the snazzy character this genre always had. Bubbling bass & beats coupled with lush chords is pretty much all we need for a good night out and we hope this brings you as much pleasure as it brings us. This is a true killer on the dance-floor and is a must for all house DJs.

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