Monday, 7 March 2011

Who Made Who - Knee Deep's New LP

WhoMadeWho will release their next album, Knee Deep, this April on Kompakt, to be followed later this year by a second full-length.

The Danish trio have always seemed like a rather fun-loving bunch, playing an upbeat style of rock/electronic crossover with the occasional club cover thrown in (namely, Mr. Oizo's "Flat Beat" and Benny Benassi's "Satisfaction" from 2004's Two Songs For Your Party). But Knee Deep is a slightly more somber affair. Many of the songs are still funky and energetic, but the mood is a bit more reflective (as you could guess from titles like "There's An Answer" and "We're Alive, It's a Miracle").

It was reportedly influenced by a series difficult events in the band members' lives, from label disputes to marriage problems to the burning down of a childhood home. According to a press release, WhoMadeWho spent the early part of 2010 holed up in a "semi-built hotel" in Copenhagen composing the album, and ultimately produced two very different sets of songs. Rather than trying to meld them together, they decided to release them separately. Details on the second record are still scarce, though it's planned for release in 2011. Knee Deep will come out in April, and will mark the group's debut on Kompakt.

01. There's An Answer
02. Every Minute Alone
03. Musketeer
04. All That I Am
05. Nothing Has Changed
06. Two Feet Off the Ground
07. Checkers
08. We're Alive, It's a Miracle
09. 555

Kompakt will release Knee Deep on April 11th, 2011.

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