Thursday, 17 March 2011

RIP Mr. Tsutomu Katoh - Founder of KORG

Today We Take time to honour Tsutomu Katoh

A letter via Seiki Kato, President of KORG Inc.

"Dear Sirs and Madams,

I would like to inform you that our founder and chairman Mr. Tsutomu Katoh passed away early this morning (March 15, 2011) after a long fight with cancer.

Since he founded Korg Inc. in 1963, Mr. Katoh has led our company with great talent, vision and leadership. He was loved and respected by all the employees, all Korg family members and made a huge contribution to the lives of countless musicians around the world.

Plans for a memorial service will follow very soon.

I would appreciate your prayers for him and hope he can rest peacefully now.


Seiki Kato
Korg Inc."

Tsutomu Katoh and the History of Korg

Another hero lost; one of the first to define the world of synthesis as we know it. The gifts he gave us will always be remembered and will inspire new synth enthusiasts and musicians for decades to come. Tsutomu Katoh-san, you will be missed. Thank you for everything you gave us.

Wikipedia: "Founded in 1962 in Japan by Tsutomu Kato and Tadashi Osanai, Korg was originally known as Keio Gijutsu Kenkyujo Ltd." and later "Keio Electronic Laboratories (京王技術研究所?) because its fledgling offices were located near the Keio train line in Tokyo and Keio can be formed by combining the first letters of Kato and Osanai. Before founding the company, Kato ran a nightclub. Osanai, a Tokyo University graduate and noted accordionist, regularly performed at Kato's club accompanied by a WurlitzerSideman rhythm machine. Unsatisfied with the rhythm machine, Osanai convinced Kato to finance his efforts to build a better one..." And indeed they did.

This sad news in via Amos of Moog Music and Michelle Moog-Koussa of the Bob Moog Foundation.

Update: some condolences and pics on the KORG Forum here.

Also A massive REST IN PEACE (RIP) to:


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