Monday, 14 March 2011

KiNK interview with 88 Music Blog.....

88: From your label (Porno bpm) and its website we gather that by day you make Bulgarian pop music. Tell us about this experience and how it may expand your versatility as an artist.

K: I started to do radio jingles / sound design in 2002 for friends, based in Sofia. That led to getting involved in production for few pop acts as well. Since 2009 I collaborate with the singer-songwriter Rachel Row on several local projects, including material for the 2009 Bulgarian “Pop idol” winner. Although I haven`t wrote too much pop songs so far – i feel that the whole experience of co-writing songs, treating vocals and designing audio jingles gave me answers to many questions. It helped me a lot in my own production.

88: You were tapped for the remix compilation for Trax records. Tell us about this experience and whether you were able to dive deep into the vaults for your own personal use.

K: I`ve grown up with the electronic sounds of the early 90`s. Living in Bulgaria I haven`t got access to the early releases by labels like Trax, DJ International or Metroplex, KMS.. I found the early house and techno releases in the beginning of the new millennium through the internet and it was a love from first sight! Even i was not a witness of the label`s glory days, Trax records became a big influence for my music!

88: Tell us about your three favorite tracks in your mp3 player right now.

K: A really nice “post dubstep” track coming up soon on Magic Wire: Neon Jung – Too Many Facets a crazy combination of classic music and ticking clocks by Stefan Goldmann - The Grand Hemiola (Macro) I recently rediscovered Moby – Mobility (Instinct Records), it`s amazing!

88: Your website also tells us you use the pure elements of early dance music in making tracks. Do you have a favorite element to use?

K: The sound of classic drum machines – Roland t.r. 707, 808 and 909. Also several original break beat samples from the 70`s. My pallet is very poor, I avoid using sources like commercially available sample cds or sampling contemporary tracks (stuff made after 1985). I made few exceptions of course, but in general i find using less tools and sources very creative.

88: Your recent track Leko reveals just a touch of broken beat. Tell us about your exposure to broken beat and whether you might want house to re adopt some of its aesthetic.

K: I`m totally crazy about the complex drum programming in the old Jungle DnB music! My first exposure to the electronic sound in the beginning of 90`s was through some cassettes, where you could hear together some broken tracks like Prodigy – Charly, FSOL – Papua and techno gems like Joey Beltram – Energy Flash and LFO – LFO. This combination always sounded so natural to me and sometimes i allow myself to “marry” a house track to a break beat or to go further with the experiments, as long as it still stands in the frames of the good taste.

88: With so much of Eastern Europe becoming techno conscious, how do you see yourself and the role of your label within this recent development in that part of the world.

K: The scene over here is developing, even with a big delay. I can`t tell if i`m going to become an influential figure over here, because the music that is big here in general is different than what I do. Porno BPM is not a label at the moment, it`s just a group of like-minded djs from Sofia (and i`m a part of it for 10 years now). However, I want to start a vinyl based label if i manage to have a bigger and constant success as an artist during this year. I have few very talented friends / producers here in Sofia and I would be very proud if i take a role in shaping the sound of my city and representing it to the world!

88: This year, FORWARD Festival’s inspiration is urbanity. Tell us about your favorite venues across the globe.

K: I am very spoiled because my first gig in Berlin was at Panorama Bar (Berghain). I knew that the place is special, but my the night was better than my biggest expectations! I also had great time at many clubs in Europe, like Rex in Paris, SubClub in Glasgow (playing live with Neville Watson), Catwalk in Rotterdam (amazing underground club, built inside an old metro station) Throu in Amsterdam (again with Neville) Ministry of Sound in London (amazing sound system!), and many smaller locations (like the Golden Pudel in Hamburg), where the atmosphere is amazing!

88: Your track “Metropole” made it into a lot off DJ Bags in 2010. Tell us about future plans with Neville Watson. Anything planned for work with Hour House is Your Rush (the label released Metropole Nov. 2010)

K: Our work with Neville is very slow, because I live in Sofia and he is based in London, we exchange our files through the net. We used different production platforms so far, but we decided to take a radical step and now we are both moving to another platform for our productions, so we can work easier in the future. We are really happy to release music on such a great imprint as Rush Hour / HHYR and we are currently working on material for the label. Also we are playing together more and more often lately, a half software / half hardware based show. raw old sounds with a modern twist!

88: Compare your live set to your DJ set.

K: With the dj set I have the freedom to tell a musical story or to twist the mood on 180 degrees. With the live session I`m limited to the sound i do, but I am able to deconstruct my own music on the stage and to compose simple new tracks that wont be heard never again, which i find interesting. However, in both cases I like to “abuse” the equipment, to take risks and use my tools in a bizarre way.

Thanks so much KiNK

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