Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Stimming To Release Liquorice Album...

Hamburg-based producer Martin Stimming will release his next album, Liquorice, this March. As a linchpin of Diynamic Music, Stimming is known for his upbeat and often club-ready style of tech house. But Liqourice shows a different side of the producer; hardly any of the tracks ride a 4/4 beat, and most of them rely heavily on field recordings, giving the album an experimental feel. "I kind of sneaked around the normal bassdrum/clap or snare combination," he says. "I only tried to express the feelings I had during this time... without thinking of what will happen with it or who's gonna buy it."

The mood, too, is more somber than usual, a change Stimming attributes to the personal crisis during which he produced much of the album. "I had to sleep on the couch in my 16 square metre studio, certain circumstances didn't allow me to sleep at home." Though he didn't go into further detail on the matter, the song title "Me Against the Bitch" speaks volumes.

As for the album title, Stimming says its an acknowledgment of the fact that the record isn't for everyone. "I called it Liquorice because I simply love real liquorice sweets (all kinds actually), and I have realised that it's something someone loves or hates. There's not much middle ground, and there were probably 50% who like it and the others don't."


01. Cold Water
02. My Lonesome Drumset
03. Trashcan
04. Cooking Coffee
05. On a Grey Day
06. January, Second
07. Marble Run
08. No Strings Attached
09. Black Caramel
10. Don't Touch This
11. Time to Leave
12. Me Against the Bitch
13. The Train

Diynamic will release Liqourice on March 28th 2011.

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