Thursday, 24 February 2011

Pioneer's new Traktor controller DDJ-T1 & Technology Debate...

Having watched the video below, it almost sickens me to think in 10 years time vinyl and most probably CDs will be fully obsolete.

Having said that I do see, maybe not the advantage of Traktor as I am not a fan but the advantage of carrying a terabyte hard drive. As a couple of weeks back I went to see my friend Karizma play down at East Village, he turned up with one hard drive and some usb cables and literally just plugged his hard drive into the CDJ 2000's an of he went.......... (great set BTW)

Now this to me makes more sense rather than Traktor and other similar expensive products as then at least the hard drive is universally beneficial and a cheaper option, as the club industry standard for CDJ's progresses this will become the future in my opinion.

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The Spanish techno DJ extols the virtues of Pioneer's new Traktor controller.

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