Monday, 7 February 2011

DJ T's New Album - The Pleasure Principle

DJ T will release his third album, The Pleasure Principle, next month on Get Physical. For much of his career, DJ T., real name Thomas Koch, has juggled a number of different pursuits: first he was editor of Groove, then he helped launch Get Physical and co-managed the label for years, all while producing records and gigging as a DJ. These days, though, he's a full time artist, and The Pleasure Principle is his first album as such. Recorded over a period of nine months in Heidelberg, much of the record developed out of long jam sessions with the artist Lopazz, giving it a loose and organic feel.

Guest appearances come from, among others, James Teej, Dave Aju, dOP member Jaw and his girlfriend Ginger. The album arrives two years after Koch's last long player, The Inner Jukebox.


01. Same Plane feat. Jaw & Ginger
02. Opera Buffa
03. Unconditional Love
04. Burning feat. Nick Maurer
05. Yesterday, Tomorrow feat. Dave Aju
06. Nothing Even Comes Close
07. City Life feat. Cari Golden
08. Sense feat. James Teej
09. Pattern Exit Drama
10. Leavin Me feat. Khan
11. Remember the Future feat. Jaw

Get Physical will release The Pleasure Principle in March 2011.

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