Thursday, 16 December 2010

Chez Damier looks into 2011

While Chez Damier was preparing to head in to the studio in Paris as part of his European tour, Giles Smith caught up with the man himself to talk about the follow up to “The Gathering”, his early days going out in New York and the influence that The Sound Factory had on him and his partner Ron Trent’s music, as well as Chez sharing some of his soul food tips! Read this exclusive interview as he reveals details about his 2011 plans for the very first time. Chez will be in London at the end of this month as he headlines the secretsundaze NYE bash at The Red Gallery in Shoreditch.

1. How has the last year been for you touring again? How have things changed and can you tell us about any highlights or funny stories?

I have to honestly say that I have been so touched by all the gigs I have done over the last year. There’s just been a really positive reaction to me being back on the road and that’s quite overwhelming. There was this one particularly special story for me in Milan where a disabled guy with only one leg in a wheelchair forced his way to the front on a very busy dancefloor. He was basically going crazy in his chair and as odd as it may seem this bought a tear to my eye as he grabbed my attention and was totally losing it!

2. Did you know that there is now an act called Morning Factory? How do you feel about that?

No I didn't know that. I think it's inspiring that someone has named themselves after something we made so long ago.

3. Can you tell us the story about Morning Factory and where the name came from?

The name came about as Ron and I had been on a club pilgrimage to The Sound Factory in New York where Junior Vasquez would spin. We were just partying and looking for inspiration. It was the first time I had taken Ron. It had been an amazing morning. We flew back to Detroit the next day. We were living together at that time and had the studio at home and we were so inspired by what we had heard we started to work on this track. We got stuck in a hypnotic loop and the track was designed to be something we ideally wanted to hear Junior play late in the morning of a great set. After finishing the track we kinda had a feeling that we were onto something special but it was confirmed right before our eyes when we gave it to a DJ called Troy Parish, who while playing live in a club, remixed it on the spot, looping it and mixing tracks over it and we saw the crowd go completely crazy.

4. What have you got coming up in 2011?

I am really excited to release my first LP on the Mojuba imprint. Mojuba are releasing all my original productions and some re-releases whereas Balance is a conduit for other artists that I like and want to support.

5. You are currently in Paris to play and are also making some studio time to continue where you left off with The Gathering, “In My System”, the track you co-wrote and did vocals for with Jeff K and Chris Carrier. Can you tell us about this?

Well we didn’t want to repeat “In My System” and this one definitely has a more 80’s electro feel. We are also working with another female vocalist on this.

6. You compared cooking to making music if I am not mistaken. Can you tell us you're favourite recipe?

In most soul cooking we don't measure by measurement we measure by eyesight and feel baby! So much of good cooking is done on feeling not exact measurements and yes this is exactly my approach to making music too. Being in the hotel now I can’t describe to you how I would concoct up a delight but if you were at my house I would show you how to make my meaty mushroom lasagna!

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