Friday, 5 November 2010

Suges'Jam remixed by At One

Suges' Jam (Incl. Martino, Gene King, Blakstar, At One Mixes)

01 Original (5:54)
02 Gene King Shines Remix (5:01)
03 Martino Remix (6:13)
04 Blakstar Edit (7:09)
05 At One Remix (7:47)

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Suges - Suges' Jam (Incl. Martino, Gene King, Blakstar, At One Mixes) - - the best House Music WAV and MP3 downloads

Check out the original in the making......
Suges' Jam - Suges (At One Remix) by At One

Suges puts the funk back into house with remixes by Gene King, Martino, Blakstar, and At One.

There are so many dance genres these days with the word funk in them, but truth say, we're not hearing the funk. At Soulstream we think it's time to remind you what real funk sounds like, and who better to do so than one of the O.G.'s of fusing funk and house together (Quadrasonic & Sexy Lady back in 2000), and one of the best talk box players in the world.

Thus and therefore we bring you Suges' Jam, another in the ongoing series of Sugestramentals. Suges offers up a lush, funky party track rife with analog synths, wah guitars, violins, a harmonium, and layer upon layer of talk box action.

Remixers include Mr. Gene King with an incredibly grooving reconstruction and Martino and his jazzy organ and synths from outer space. Also onboard we'd like to introduce you to our new friends from the UK: James Blakstar John and his thumpy edit creatively spliced together from outtakes, and At One of Yoruba fame serves up chunky beats and dubbed-out vocals.

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