Friday, 12 November 2010

Kerri Chandler Interview.........

Kerri was interview by MUAK ahead of his 10 hour gig this saturday, heres what he had to say...

Q: Hey Kerri, good to have you back. 10 hours then, do you enjoy these longer sets and how will you play it?

A: I will Play it all by heart and ear, I have a lot of friends coming down and also a film crew, to film a documentary of the night. It's one of my favourite places to play, I love just meeting new people, vibing with my friends, and Hanging out with Zaki(also an Amazing DJ and great friend)

Q: We have achieved a massive milestone with 7 years but you have been pushing the music we all love for so much longer. Do you feel like you have deservedly claimed status as a pinnacle figure in house music and becoming such a global phenomena or does it seem part of your of your life and just flow?

A: It seems to be a part of my life. Allot of my ideas are based on what is currently happening in my life so majority of the time it just flows. I appreciate all of the support from lovers of house music worldwide.

Q: This must have been asked a few times but how do you become exposed to house music and how did you take it further from there?

A: I was influenced by my dad when I was a pre-teen. He was and still is a DJ in New Jersey. After DJ several sets as a preteen and into my teenage years I met up with Mel Madale, he taught me the business aspect of the music industry and my career took off from there.

Q: How do you think things have developed recently with house? Times are obviously changing and things are ever evolving, but what have you personally noticed that are moving things in different angles?

A: When I DJ at different venues the majority of the crowd is of a younger generation. Many young people actually come to me and ask me to play a record that I produced in the 90s.

Q: Do you enjoy producing music away from house? Any plans for future projects, or indeed, if not, and the world was your oyster, what would you be making?

A: I'm interested in producing a jazz album

Q: Are you still loving the house music as it is today? There is still soul in there but clearly saturation has hit the market. Do you still go vinyl shopping?

A: Yes, I still love house music as it is today. When I'm travelling I search for record shops but my favourite is downtown 161 in New York. I still shop for vinyl records as often as possible.

Q: Who has influenced your career the most in the past and now in the present? Is there someone still very much connected in your life that shapes you?

A: My best influence has been God and everything and everyone around me.

Q: With travelling around a lot and the availability of CD’s and digital derivatives, what format becomes the basis of a Kerri set?

A: If its playing I'm playing it. I mix whatever I can get my hands on.

Q: How many records do you own in total? Oh… and this is physical.

A: I own 50,000 records and counting.

Q: When making beats are you still keeping it raw or have you moved into new technological avenues?

A: Yes, I still make raw beats, Not afraid to experiment and place my signature on new projects.

Q: Has Fela Kuti influenced your upbringing into music?

A: Yes, he is a part of my interest in house-soul music however, I have many influences.

Q: Do you ever foresee yourself moving away from America and on a political angle how are things there?

A: Right now my schedule consists of frequent worldwide travel. I don't get heavily involved in politics.

Q: You create a lot of units for the studio yourself. Is this always conceptual or do you follow through on engineering etc? Also, you must obviously be a forward thinker, so with the gear you create it must be from concept through to completion. Therefore it must be missing, any chance of you becoming a project manager later on and developing new technologies for a brand?

A:I have worked on existing brand technologies and look forward to future opportunities.

Q: Can you tell those that do not know about your mini mixer?

A: It is a 2 channel rotary portable mixer that is the size of your palm. The DJR400 is the bigger brother of the mini mixer.

Q: What going on with yourself in the next few months? Any big plans?

A: New Madhouse record releases in 2011

Q: What has been your greatest memory over the last 7 year?

A: My greatest memory over the last 7 years has been the reel to reel set at Southport weekender - Virtual Holograms performances.

Q: Lovely to catch up with you and literally cannot wait till November 13th.

A: Love, Respect and Admiration, I'm counting the days! 10 hours still doesn't seem long enough at Egg, I love i!

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