Friday, 1 October 2010

Wbeeza set to release Void.....

Caught wind of this on RA and thought y'all should support this new homegrown talent...

London-based house artist Wbeeza has unveiled details for his first full-length, Void, slated for release this fall on Third Ear.

The album comes just two years after Wbeeza's debut EP, Heavystuff, which cemented the young producer's reputation with the underground house hit "Disco Dayz." In the meantime he's put out two more 12-inches, New Skank and City Shuffle, the latter of which has gotten loads of club play thanks to the stripped-down drum workout "A116." Void consists of entirely unreleased material, though none of it was recorded for the album specifically. "I didn't sit down and make this album," Wbeeza explains. "These are just a few tracks that sounded nice when were were compiling the album."

This off-the-cuff approach extends to his productions as well. "I'm just making music," he says. "I'm not trying to make slower tracks and faster tracks or hip- hop or house. I grew up as a kid with hip-hop, beatboxing rather than making beats, and those beats are in my blood. When I make a track I just start out with how I'm feeling or with an inspiration; an idea or a sample, and that's where I finish as well. I'm making all kinds of sounds." Void will see release on CD and digitally as a single mix or split into separate tracks.

01. Blunted
02. Day by Day
03. Shangri la
04. Sharar
05. Beaver Skin
06. Manual Mode
07. Tru My Veins
08. Beyond Question
09. The World Is Yourz
10. Southern Girl
11. Hang On
12. Why
13. Let Me Know
14. Variations
15. My Mistake
16. Take Em Out
17. 2Nite

Third Ear will release Void on November 22nd, 2010.

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