Thursday, 14 October 2010

Moog Music Make Filtatron An iPhone App....

Moog Music, they of the normally analog-only gear, have built their first iOS application.

The application, Filtatron, hasn’t yet been announced. There’s no information on pricing or availability, accordingly.

Divided onto several pages (see screenshots), it represents a set of modules for recording, sampling, effects, and filtering. The controls are cleanly laid-out, and everything makes some sound, making it familiar and fun for people who know how to use it but very “tweakable” for someone who’s never touched something like this before. (There’s no question this could be a gateway drug to Moog’s genuine analog gear for the mass market on iOS.)

What it does:

Filter + LFO
Amp (drive) + feedback for distortion
Adjustable, time-syncable delay
Sampler with adjustable playback speed, loop points, and live recording
X/Y pads for tweaking and performance, plus preset sharing.

You can actually use the app without any input, by transferring files from your computer or another application (with AudioCopy supprot). But connect a mic or line input (or use the internal mic on a device like the iPhone), and the Filtatron turns your device into a live filtering unit.

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