Monday, 23 August 2010

Time To Get iLL Music With Crazy Larry

New York-based DJ/producer Crazy Larry will begin a new label, Time To Get iLL Music, early next year.

Conceived as an extension of the parties Larry throws under the Time To Get iLL banner, the imprint will aim to offer "a platform for like minded artists to release the music that they want to make, not music they think has to be a chart topper." The first release will arrive from Glacier—the collaborative project between Larry and Pier Bucci—and will act as a follow-up to the duo's Rocky Mountains EP for Wagon Repair, which was put out back in 2007.

A deep house excursion from Canadian producer Jay Tripwire has been lined-up for Time To Get iLL #2, while the third release on the label will be something of a concept record. The Bolt Bus EP (named after the Boston to New York service) will see Larry collaborate with three Boston-based artists, namely Soul Clap, Tanner Ross and Adam Collins. We caught up with the crazy one via email to ask what to expect from Time To Get iLL Music.

Tell us about the thinking behind starting Time To Get iLL Music?

So the gist of the label is simple: I have been doing events for almost five years now, and I just wanted to take my career and parties in general a step further. Parties come and go but you really don't have anything lasting with events. Sure, you can keep flyers and recordings, but having a vinyl out and about is a more lasting icon. I have always wanted to do a label, and I think the time is right now.

I'm not looking to sign huge hits and chart toppers, but I am looking to run a consistent label with good music that DJs like myself and other serious artists (much like the Air London peeps) can count on every release. I also want to tie the label into artists that I have previously booked, or people that I meet along the way with doing events. Kind of keeping it in the family so to speak.

You and Pier Bucci are on the first release as Glacier: How did you two meet?

We met when Pier came to Denver for the first time back in 2005, I think. He was playing for a party I was helping promote. We hit it off right away; we talked gear and production for hours into the night. We both wish we had more time, but he had to get to the next gig. We stayed in touch, and about a year later I was going to start doing my own party in Denver, Uddermadness. Pier ended up being the first artist I booked for the opening party. He was either going to stay in Denver all week, or head to NY and stay in a hotel... I proposed we chill out in Denver and go to the mountains, as I had a cabin at St Mary's glacier, so we decided to take apart my studio and head up there for the week. After four days of hiking, cooking, and lots of music making, we had a finished EP! I sent the tracks a few months later to my friend at Wagon Repair, and the rest is history.

Are there any plans to take the partnership into the live arena?

We have played live a few time already, and plan to tour on the release. First was in London at Dig Your Own Rave at T Bar—Matthew Styles' party. Next was for the first Cheap Sunglasses Party at WMC... that was a massive one, and we played in Ibiza last year at the Zoo party.

What's coming up for the label?

Details of all the releases are HERE. And [I'm] going to try and sign a few more things before the first one is out...

Tracklist: Glacier - Cabeza
1. Cabeza
2. Cotril Gardens
3. Pirate

Time To Get iLL Music will release Glacier's Cabeza in February 2011.

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