Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Project.....

Caught wind of this movement going down.... Thought y'all should know..... Looks dope.

What is the Project?

"We wanted to do something special for the Five Year Anniversary of 5 Magazine - something for the community, and something which has never been done before."

"We wanted to create a multimedia project documenting the producers who are making Chicago move NOW, in 2010, with in-depth interviews and features. We wanted to include a track from these artists as well."

"And we wanted to give it away completely free."

"This is our and the contributing artists' (multiple Grammy®-nominated producers and remixers among them) gift to Chicago, and to DJs and fans around the world. It's a snapshot of the many styles of Chicago House Music in 2010, and a tribute to the producers that make it happen."

The complete list of contributing artists is available at 5chicago.com/theproject.

"The Project launched on August 16, 2010, worldwide and available to everyone, at 5chicago.com/theproject. Two new videos and free tracks by the contributing artists will be updated every day, Monday through Friday, until we're through."'

5 Magazine 5 Year Anniversary Project with Chicago's Biggest House Music Stars from Czarina Mirani on Vimeo.

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