Monday, 9 August 2010

Review of Deep Cover @ Dex Club, Sat 7th Aug.

First I would like to say my apologies to the boys from Souled and Ms Marcia Carr as I missed their sets. But as always I was informed and I hear Marcia came fresh, with cuts from prototype to vintage and had all the djs peering over (for the names of all the tunes) so biggups Ms Carr. Then onto Souled, well the production duo always come fresh... anyone who knows their productions can expect them to run things just right and i'm told thats just what they did. Also pictured is the lovely Miss Lyric L, who touched the mic to give abit of va voom.

An so it begins as I enter around 10 ish the party is going along to the jazzy house sounds of Simon Boi co-founder of this new and exciting night, Simon always seems to know the right warm up music to play and I must say he does it very well, not to mention his ability to play a closing set, a talented Dj.

Next up we had Blue Boy, well what can I say other than he thumped the life out of it!! Blue boy was dropping that good hard deep house, with an eclectic mix of vocals thrown in there, not to mention a great tune to end on :-). Blue Boy upped the tempo and got people really going for it, another great performance from him the other co-founder of this night.

By this it was rammed as you can see, people bubbling, having a great time (just like we used). this night I have to say, brings back memories of how going out used to be and what fun you can have when there are no idiots in the dance!! Congrats on always getting that right boys.

An so it was time for Sy Sez to brace the decks and he truley played a stonker biggups to him on that, anyone there will tell you that for two hours the dancefloor was rammed with people just sweating for the love of deep house music. Sy played a dope range of tracks he went from new to old playing some classic records, those classics that were kick, snare, hat, bass, groove and done!! Nothing else was needed! So as usual a wicked performance from Sy Sez, he has obviously been taking notes from me!!! lolololol

Up After Sy was the main feature for the night Mr Paul Trouble Anderson, who played a dope selection of oldskool jams. As always it was Troubles house and the people loved it. So biggups to Trouble.

As always the round up says, WHENS THE NEXT ONE LADS????? You got a slamming night, so keep it up!! Keep them coming....

Deep Cover a brand you can trust, which has my signed and sealed band of approval..!

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