Monday, 26 July 2010

Review of Groove Sanctuary

Well where do I start, groove sanctuary was killer last night..... top DJs, top music, top people and live performances. What more can you ask for when you go out?? not much, especially when the live band is Bah samba.

As I got there the venue was filling up nicely, with patrick forge spinning those jazzy house beats, now i would love to say a certain dj was stand out but quite simply there where so many plus i missed a few, it would be hard to say... PATRICK FORGE, PHIL ASHER, BOPSTAR, FAZE ACTION, MJ COLE, NEIL PIERCE, JOHN OUDO etc......

But for me, the night was centred around seeing Bah Samba live with amazing artists, now I managed to capture most of it on film but all to soon my memory card was full up!!!! (I did however delete some crap in time to film part of the last song)

Anyways check it out for yourselves and if you weren't there make sure you don't miss out again, biggup to Jimbo for organising such a wicked night. Keep em coming mate...

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